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Best seaplane tours that one must not miss in their lifetime

Best seaplane tours that one must not miss in their lifetime


Seaplane rides is a fantasy for millions in each corner of the world. This, when done in the top locations around the world, serve to add on to the charm of the people. There are a lot of mesmerizing spots on locations that board people on seaplanes and give them the thrill to fly and swim at the same time while they stay inside a plane. The seaplanes are mechanically designed to swim on seas and oceans and also to take off in the air through waters which are a wonder in itself.

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1. Seaplane tour


The beauty of the bay at San Francisco can be rightly discovered through a seaplane tour. With great comfort and a co-pilot who is knowledgeable, people from all around the world can experience this mesmerizing beauty from the air. With perfect wind and a clear day, the seaplane ride can give the right adventure in the minds of the boarders at San Francisco. Among the sightings are the coastlines, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

3. Miami tour


The tour over Miami on a seaplane serves the borders with an unforgettable experience. These are mainly day trips to discover the fantastic scenes of the Bahamas from an altitude. The tours on a seaplane here are adventurous as the key points of Florida awaits discovery from a height for many.

4. Duluth seaplane tour

Duluth seaplane tour


The tour covers beautiful panoramic aspects of Duluth. Among the most common sightings through a seaplane here are the landmarks of the Twin Ports, Canal Park, North Shore, Ore Docks, Aerial Lift Bridge, Glensheen Mansion, Ship Facilities, Hydroelectric Dam, Pattison State Park, Spirit Mountain and many more.

5. Canada’s seaplane tours


This tour serves the boarders with an enchanting feel to discover the most beautiful west coast of the place. The tours serve a mesmerizing Ariel view of the city, the mountains, and the water bodies. The flights range from 10-minute rides to a day’s package which can be availed as per the choice of the customers.

6. Seaplane tours


The onboard passengers can enjoy the beauty of the magnificent cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai by availing the seaplane packages. The water takeoffs, view of coastlines in Dubai, exploring the marvelous architectures, and the desert landscapes are the things of adventures that can be enjoyed. The tours can be chosen among the 25 destinations offered for flight throughout the entire place.

7. Seaplane tours


This serves the on boarders with the bird-eye views of the Indian Ocean’s beauty of the archipelago. The islands of Maldives are a common tourist spot where most of the tourist likes to ride this adventure and explore the islands from an altitude. The money of the packages availed is completely worth in terms of expenses, reachability, and enjoyment. This breathtaking encounter of the boarders of the islands and the coastlines serves a long-lasting impression in each individual’s mind. The common explorations here are the mystifying sight of the lagoons, sandbars, and the islands surrounded by blue ocean waters. Watching the Male Island and Hulhumale Island gives a splendid sight to the viewers from a different perspective.

9. Seaplane tour over the Parry Island

Seaplane tour over the Parry Island


The tours start from the Parry Sound Harbour’s seaplane base which then flies over the rugged coastlines of the bay in Georgia, covers the Killbear Provincial Park, and cruises through the Parry Island to give the boarders a beautiful sight of the entire South Channel.

10. Seaplane tours


The Ariel views of Mauritius through a seaplane create a picturesque scene in the eyes of every viewer. The eyes are feasted over the breathtaking views. The clear views of the lagoons, sugar cane fields, beautiful islands, pristine coastlines are among the common sightings in this tour.

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