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Andaman Travelogue and Travel Stories- A Tour to Islands of Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman Travelogue and Travel Stories- A Tour to Islands of Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman is an Indian archipelago of more than 356 islands located in the Indian Ocean. It is a very beautiful place for tourism-related activities. Tourists who are always in search of something new and unique, Andaman must be there in their travelling list. Once you reach to the beautiful islands of Andaman & Nicobar, your hours will pass and add up into days in no time, hence you can go for as many days as you like to spend here. Andaman and Nicobar have plenty of beaches some of them are very less traveled and you will have a great opportunity to spend your every day enjoying different beaches and islands. The Islands here are known for various beautiful surprises like palm line, white-sand beaches, mangrove and tropical rainforests, coral reefs supporting marine life. Apart from that Andaman and Nicobar not only provide you with a beautiful view of nature but also offers various activities to the tourists who make their way to this Place. Activities such as diving, snorkeling, Kayaking, beach hopping will never let you run out of the fun during your tour to Andaman and Nicobar Island. 

So, all these features of Andaman made me thought to visit here to experience this amazing part of our country India. I was also excited as it has already some features that I like the most while thinking of any new destination for my travel and those were seclusion and raw nature. This time I was traveling with my friend who lives in Mumbai.

We started from Mumbai early in the morning by taking a stop-over flight between Mumbai to Port Blair and reached Port Blair by the afternoon. The airport is small and old which was constructed in 1947. From the outside, we took an autorickshaw which was totally different noise-free than we have in other Indian towns. To my surprise, there was only one traffic signal in the entire town and even roads were more ups and down then level. Finally, we reached our hotel- a Welcome Group hotel, which was very beautiful in itself as it faced the sea.

We unwind ourselves and took a little rest. After resting for a while we head out from the hotel to take a walk around. The water of the sea was sparkling with the unpolluted blue color, a view that I haven’t seen anywhere along the beaches in Mumbai, Goa, and Chennai. Later we came back to the hotel as we have to explore Port Blair Town the next day.

A beautiful morning far from the mainland of the Indian subcontinent, which is also a part of India only was something that I can’t forget ever. It was our second day of Andaman & Nicobar Tour and we had to explore all that Port Blair has to offer to its visitors. So visited most of them whether it was a beautiful aquarium, a museum, and water sports center, etc. Apart from that tourist who loves shopping can go shopping shell jewelry and decorative showpieces made of Padauk wood.

The next day we had to explore Wandoor as it has a beautiful beach, Museum, and Wandoor Marine National Park comprises of a bunch of tiny islands out of which Jolly Buoy and Red Skin is open for tourists. We rented a bike from Port Blair in order to reach Wandoor. Ferry for Red Skin Island leaves at sharp 9 am and we were there on time to get on to Red Skin Island. The beach was full with beautiful shells bigger than the human faces. On this Island, one can enjoy snorkeling sessions, spot amazing corals, fishes, octopus and what not. Wandoor is a must-visit place for those traveling to Andaman. We spent rest our day on a beautiful beach watching waves coming and going back into sea. After spending noon there we stated riding back, and on the way back we have seen some fancily dressed people going somewhere, out of curiosity we followed them and landed a place where kids from all over the Andaman gathered with their parents to celebrate Andaman Monsoon Festival. In this festival, kids were performing their traditional dances, and attending this event was a different experience for me.

This was our fourth day in Andaman and we had tickets for visiting Havelock that we booked in advance for avoiding unnecessary stress and hassle. We boarded on a ship that took us to Havelock. During our Ship ride, we were on the deck of the ship and enjoying the ride. The best moment of this ride came when I saw the flying fishes which were amazing. So if you are also traveling there pay attention and you also might get the chance to witness some.

Once we reached Havelock, again we have to book our accommodation. Luckily we got a better deal and booked a budget Emerald Geko offering Bamboo hut for staying right on the beach.

The setup had an open beach facing restaurant, a place where everybody gets together in the evening. We also met so many foreign tourists from Russia, Canada, America, and Europe there and had a very amazing time. The food was very tasty there and we enjoyed it with the music and the amazing ambiance spread all throughout the place.

We started our fifth day with a light breakfast at Emerald Geko. After having breakfast we rented a bike and head out towards Vijaynagar and Radhanagar beaches, we enjoyed the sightseeing and also took up some water activities there. The environment along the beaches was very serene and beautiful. But before visiting please check for the high tide timing and doing this will put you on the safe place during your Andaman & Nicobar Tour. Radhanagar Beach ranked as the 6th most beautiful beach in Asia surrounded by a lush green tree on one side, crystal clear blue water on the other. Havelock is really amazing place and it should not miss when one is travelling to Andaman & Nicobar. The best part of this day was when some fellow travelers informed us that one can take up the activity ‘swimming with elephants’ after paying 1700 INR per head at Radhanagr Beach, which was in itself a great experience. We set ourselves free at the resort beach for the rest of the day by hanging out with the people there.

This was the last day when we were dealing with our packing. Once we have done with the breakfast, it was the time to leave the place and get transfer to home with a heavy heart filled with full of amazing stories.

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1. Tips for the tourists visiting Andaman

Andaman is a very beautiful Island town of the Indian subcontinent. The place has more than 300 smalls and medium islands with beautiful and secluded beaches perfect for spending some peaceful time during the tour. But before visiting this new place my advice would be:-

  • If you are going all by yourself without hiring any guide, please make sure that you book a ticket to Havelock and Wandoor Marine National Park the day you reach the Port Blair.
  • For those, who are on their budget tour of Andaman, don’t go for the luxury or fancy hotel. Instead of which go for the budget accommodations.
  • Respect the nature and don’t litter here and there for spoiling the beauty of the place.

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