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About Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a hundred gates open for entrance but not one for departure. Remember this beautiful line ever quoted by Francois Bernier in the times gone by. One of the jewels of South Asia the country forms an ever-lasting impression by presenting itself as a land of complete peace, and offering kaleidoscope of colors to whom it is going to be a next stopover..... The sovereign Bangladesh is enclosed by India and Myanmar and by the Bay of Bengal to the south. Its capital city is Dhaka and the frequently spoken language is Bengali (Bangla). It is a home of Royal Bengal Tiger where you stumble upon the remnants of civilization date back 400 years. The country has rich and historical past and the exact origin of the word Bangla or Bengal is still a mystery, but the way it successfully delivers Dravidian, Arab, Persian, Indo-Aryan, Turkic, West European, and Mongol/Mughal cultures maintains its position at the top the World's tourist maps. Coming to Bangladesh is always a delightful experience. Its delicate and distinctive attractions in form of a mangrove swamp area of Worlds Heritage Sites, windy fields, abundance of sunshine, twisting rivers and cascades of lush gardens persuade a painter to hold a brush and do something very magical with tapestry of colors & texture.
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Visa related Information

17 Jan 2024
India to Bangladesh Visa application process

Bangladesh tourist Visa is a simple one as it’s an on arrival visa process. For people who don’t like to stand in a queue and want to get the visa beforehand then this is the small procedure which should be followed to get the Visa.  

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