Top 15 Lovey Dovey International Honeymoon Destinations for Newlyweds

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Top 15 Lovey Dovey International Honeymoon Destinations for Newlyweds

1. Mauritius & Reunion Island 4.9 

Mauritius, as you can guess from the name, is the most wonderful location for you to spend your honeymoon. You can enjoy a luxurious vacation on the beaches of Mauritius. If you are on a budget, then you have to look for a country like this which is beautiful, and yet you do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy it.

To visit the best international Honeymoon destinations, you can go to Mauritius, where it will cost you only Rs 45,000 per person for the flight. It can be expensive for some people, but it will be a comfortable experience. If you want to get a land package for the honeymoon in Mauritius, then it will cost you about Rs 19,000 – 24,000.

There are various things that you can do with your partner in Mauritius like you can go on a private island to enjoy some quality time together. There is also Cruise available for roaming around catamaran. If you love adventure, then you can go for paragliding in Mauritius or paragliding in Mauritius. If you are tired of your traveling, then you can chill at the couples, which is another interesting place.

When you are looking for international romantic honeymoon destinations, then you should check out the various type of cuisine of the country so that you can enjoy delectable dishes. Some of the most famous cuisines of Mauritius are Fish vintage, Curry, Boulet, Dholl puri, Salade palmiste, Gato piments, and Coconuts.

2. Indonesia 5.0 

Indonesia is one of the best international destinations from India for people who want to go on their honeymoon. It might though a bit expensive for some people but if you plan and research properly and you can find some things that will help you to get affordable services. You can look for budget-friendly hotel accommodations and then book those hotels to save some money. It will cost you about Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 5,000 for a room. 

The cost of the flight will be around Rs, 40,000, which is a bit expensive but you will reach your destination quickly. In order to visit Indonesia, you have to apply for Visa and it will cost you Rs. 2,000.

As you know Indonesia is famous for its Thai massages, so you can enjoy a relaxable massage with your partner. If you want to explore the islands in Indonesia you can hear a boat to check them all out. The people who are on their honeymoon can also go on romantic drives, or you can go swimming together to get refreshed.

Some of the most popular dishes available in Indonesia are Stir-fried rice in soy sauce, nasi campur, National dish, Satay, Pig roast, Gado-Gado, and Tempeh.

3. Singapore 4.9 

If you are looking for the best international places for a honeymoon then, Singapore is one of the countries that you should consider. They are very famous places in Singapore which you can visit with your partner and enjoy a romantic honeymoon together.

There are a lot of places in Singapore that you can visit like Changi point coastal walk are you can enjoy a stunning view of the sea at the Changi Point. Another popular tourist destination and Singapore is The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia. There are many other places in Singapore like Singapore River Jewel Box, Marina Bay Sands, and Gardens By The Bay.

To go for a honeymoon in Singapore, your heart for the visa, and it might cost you about Rs.1592.32. The cost of the Flight is ₹24,971 for a round trip, so it is quite affordable. All in all, it will cost you about Rs 45,000-60,000 to enjoy go for international Honeymoon destinations like Singapore.

You can enjoy various types of dishes in Singapore like Chilli crab, Hainanese chicken rice, Char kway teow, Nasi lemak, Kaya toast, Satay, and Bak kut the.

4. Malaysia 5.0 

For the people who want to find international honeymoon destinations, Malaysia is a great option for you to consider. It is a great place where you can enjoy your honeymoon at an affordable price. The people who really want to save money on their honeymoon can look at the honeymoon packages for this country.

There are various types of things that you can try in this amazing country. You can go for water sports or try night time diving on the beaches. If you like to go to the trekking, then you can find jungle tracking quite exciting here, If you like shopping, then you can find some amazing stores in this country where you can find some limited items. There is also a cable car ride for the couples where you can go to the Gunung Mat Cincang.

The cost of the honeymoon in Malaysia is about Rs 90k – 1.2 Lakhs for a couple as it will cost you about INR 20,000 per person for a round trip for the flights.
You can try dishes like Mie Goreng, Apam Balik, Nasi Kerabu, Chicken, Nasi lemak, Roti john, and Rendang in Malaysia.

5. South Korea 5.0 

South Korea is another amazing international Honeymoon destinations that you can select. They are very romantic spots at this place where the couples can enjoy an amazing time together.

You can walk on the beach together with your partner or go trekking in the mountains. There are also theme parks that are perfect for the couples to you enjoy the quality time together. If you like shopping, then there are a lot of things that you can buy from this place.
The total cost of the package for honeymoon in South Korea is around two lakhs, and the expense in South Korea can be about Rs 9,300.

You can eat some of the best dishes in South Korea like Pancake, Bulgogi, Samgyeopsal, Japchae, Kimchi, Rice cake, and Sundubu-jjigae.

6. Thailand 4.8 

Thailand is another beauty of nature which you can consider in the best international Honeymoon destinations. It will not cost you too much to go on a honeymoon in Thailand. The honey and you can make it more romantic by going on a date in the caves of Rai Le. If you want to go on an adventure with your partner, then you can enjoy cruising on the waters or explore the corals in the water. You can also enjoy an amazing time with your partner on the beaches, as it will create a romantic setup for you.

The cost of air flight for Thailand is about Rs. 20,000 per person for a round trip. If you select a honeymoon package just for the land, then it will cost you about Rs 70,000 – 1.5 lakhs for a couple.

You can try out the amazing dishes like Tom yum, Prawn soup, Pad thai, Thai curry, Red curry, Thai fried rice, and Tom Kha Kai in Thailand.

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7. Vietnam 5.0 

The couple who want to celebrate their honeymoon at international Honeymoon destinations can consider going to Vietnam. It is one of the most amazing places where you can go for your honeymoon. You can go exploring in Ho Chi Minh or enjoy camping at the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, and for the adventure seeker, you can go on boat rides in Hoi An.

If you are applying for a visa in Vietnam, then it will cost you about Rs. 2,000. It is important that you find out the expense for the couple in Vietnam. On average, you have to spend about Rs. 44,000 to enjoy honeymoon in Vietnam.

You can try out this is like Pho, Bánh mì, Bánh xèo, Gỏi cuốn, Mì Quảng, and Cơm tấm in Vietnam.

8. Nepal 4.9 

For the people who are low on budget but want to visit international honeymoon destinations, can consider going to Nepal. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to the scenic views of Himalaya and some amazing landscapes.

For the honeymoon in Nepal, it will cost you about Rs 30000 to 70000, which is quite affordable for honeymoon and country. as some of you already know that you do not have to get any Visa to Nepal from India, but you should make sure to carry required identification papers.

If you are going on honeymoon in Nepal, then you can shop for some amazing clothes and accessories in the local stores. For the couples who love adventure, you can go on trekking at Nagarkot. There are also some amazing cultural sites in Kathmandu, which is perfect for religious people.

You can eat dishes like Dal Bhat, Sel roti, Samosa, Panipuri, Lassi, Beer, and Dal in Nepal. All these amazing dishes will taste different than the ones you have in India, so make sure you try them.

9. Bhutan 4.9 

Bhutan is another great place for international honeymoon destinations. You can suggest your friends book the honeymoon at this amazing location due to the amazing scenic views and some beautiful landscapes. The people who are on a budget will find this place quite interesting and exciting. For the honeymoon in Bhutan, you have to spend about Rs 30,000, and you do not have to get a visa in order to travel to Bhutan, but make sure that you are carrying identification papers and traveling documents to avoid any legal troubles.
If you are on honeymoon in Bhutan, then you can go shopping and visit some amazing cultural sites in Kathmandu or go for trekking at Nagarkot.

There are various types of amazing dishes that you can find in Bhutan which are Ema Datshi - Stew made of Chillies and Cheese, Red Rice - Staple Food of Bhutan, Jasha Maroo or Maru - Spicy Chicken Stew or Curry, Phaksha Paa - Pork with Red Chilies, Suja - Bhutanese Butter Tea, Ara - Traditional Alcoholic Beverage, and Zow Shungo. You need to make sure that you try all of them if you love eating delicious food items. You can also make the dish for your partner to give them a surprise as a remembrance of your honeymoon

10. Cambodia 5.0 

Cambodia is one of the few places which are known for their temples, and it is another great place for the people who are on the honeymoon. The religious people who want to get the blessings of God for their wedding to last forever, you can go to such places. It is one of the best international honeymoon destinations, as many people like to start their wedding under the blessing of God.

In order to get a visa for Cambodia, you need to apply to the Cambodian embassy, which will cost you about $40. The cost of the flight will be about Rs 25000 to 30000 as it is quite affordable and you have to spend about Rs 50 to 60 thousand on a week's trip.
You can go to the Angkor temples to get the blessing of God. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of Cambodia, then there are several popular spots for tourists. The couples who like adventure can go to the Monkey forest for trekking.

If you like to try out various types of food items, then you can eat dishes likes Fish amok, Kuy teav, Chicken and banana flower salad, Beef loc lac, Crab and pepper, Khmer curry, Nom banh chok, and Pork and rice in Cambodia.

11. Sri Lanka 5.0 

Sri Lanka is one of the best places in Asia to enjoy your honeymoon, and it is quite close to India. So if you are looking for international places for honeymoon, then Sri Lanka should be of the first choice. It is a great place which is located near the sea, and you can enjoy an amazing experience at this place.

If you want to know what you can do at these places, then there are some tea estates in Nurweya Eliya that you can explore. You can spend your time at Trincomalee Beach and enjoy with your partner. The couples who love adventures can go for trekking at the Sigiriya mountain. If you like to watch wildlife, then you can spot Leopards at the Yala Forest. Another amazing thing that a couple can try at this place is to go on a walk at Arugam Bay.

You have to spend about Rs 60,000 to enjoy a honeymoon at this place. For the visa of Sri Lanka, you have to spend about $20, and you will get a visa for 30 days.

There are various types of amazing dishes that you can find in Sri Lanka. You can try out dishes like Malabar Matthi Curry, Rice and curry, Sweet and sour, Chili pepper, Curry, Pol samba, and Sambal in Sri Lanka.

12. Seychelles 5.0 

Seychelles is another great place that you can consider to spend your honeymoon. It is a popular tourist destination, and you can enjoy it here on a budget. It won't cost you more than Rs. 50,000 to 60,000 to spend a vacation at this place. Also, you od not have to get any kind of visa for spending vacations at this place. But make sure to carry your ID with your while traveling so that you do not face any problems. The total expense for international places for honeymoon like Seychelles is about Rs 80,000. 

You can enjoy cycling on the beach and go to the Seychellois National Park, which is another great adventure for couples. If you want to go on a romantic ride then you can rent a car and go to Mahe. Another adventurous thing for you to do is go diving with the sharks.
There are various types of popular dishes in Seychelles like Curry, Spinach soup, Shark chutney, and Bat curry Kari Sousouri.

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13. Hawaii 5.0 

United states of america

If you are looking for international places for honeymoon, then Hawaii is the name that will come in everyone's mind. The amazing beaches in Hawaii are popular all over the world, and you can also go to this place to celebrate your honeymoon.
If you are planning to go for a honeymoon in Hawaii, then the cost of the flights will be expensive. You can get accommodations for Airbnb, which can cost you less than $500 for four days. The approximate cost for the vacation in Hawaii for a couple will cost you about Rs 1,00,000.

For the visa process, you need to get a visa for the US in order to go to Hawaii. So make sure that you remember it if you are planning to spend your honeymoon in Hawaii.

One of the best things about Hawaii is its beaches, and you can spend the best time of your life on these beaches. You can relax or go play in the water and enjoy a romantic walk on the beach with your partner. There are couples massage available on the ocean side, which you can enjoy. If you like to spend the night gazing at the stars, then Mauna Kea is an ideal place for you.
You can eat various types of dishes like Poi, Laulau, Kalua, Poke, Lomi-lomi salmon, Cellophane noodles, and Saimin in Hawaii.

14. Taiwan 5.0 


Taiwan is amongst the popular international places for a honeymoon that you can choose. It is one of the most romantic places that the newly married couple can go to. You can enjoy some of the best days of your holiday at this amazing place. 
Another affordable place to spend your honeymoon is Taiwan, as you can find hotel accommodations at a reasonable price. From foods to drinks, everything is affordable, so you do not have to worry about the budget too much. The country has various popular places that you can visit and enjoy a pleasant experience. To spend your honeymoon at this wonderful place, you have to spend about Rs 80,000.

If you are going to Taiwan then you can apply for a free visa but for that, you need to have a valid passport. You also need to book a return ticket for the ferry or airplane.

You can do a lot of things in Taiwan like you can go sightseeing or shopping. If you love wildlife then you can explore the jungles. You can also relax at the hot springs and get rid of all the pain and stress from your muscles. There are also cultural tours in Taiwan that you can enjoy. 

You can eat dishes like Beef noodle soup, Pineapple cake, Oyster omelet, Pork, Bing, Gua bao, and Fried Chicken in Taiwan. So make sure that you try all of them to enjoy the local cuisines.

15. Philippines 5.0 


When you go to amazing international places for honeymoon like Philippine then you take part in a lot of adventures. There are various islands in Philippine that you visit without worrying about your budget. 

The hotel accommodations and living expenses in the Philippines are quite affordable and you can enjoy your honey. On average, a couple has to spend about Rs 36,000 to go to the Philippines for the vacation.
If you want to apply for a visa in the Philippines then you need to contact the embassy. You can fill the application and then get the visa for traveling.  Go to the beautiful beaches in the Philippines to play in the water or relax under the sun, you can also go on different adventures as a couple.

You can eat dishes like Adobo, Lechon, Chicken inasal, Sisig, Crispy pata, Congee, and Tinola in the Philippines which is really delicious.

These are some of the wonderful places where you can go for a honeymoon and enjoy a happy time together. By going to another country for the honeymoon you can check out various types of places, enjoy some adventures, taste new delicious dishes, and get to know each other. When you get such a good start to your wedding, it means that you will always happy new marriage.

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