She is daring, she is fun loving, she is smart and travel enthusiasts!! She treks the mountains, rows the seas, and rides the waves and much more- all alone. A solo woman is one daring mind, body and soul that loves travelling and unveiling ious have hidden secrets across the globe. Thankfully she is gracious enough to let you enjoy her experiences and prepare yourself for a solo trip to the same trail. Solo woman travel blogs are knowledgeable enough to help you shed away your doubts and head on to your favourite place in the world enjoying the company of your own. Here are the top solo woman travel blogs 2018 for all aspiring solo woman travellers who wish to do it on their own:

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Here is a list for you - TOP SOLO WOMAN TRAVEL BLOGS 2019


  1. Mrs Ayla’s Adventures – Ayla is a jet setter, adventure seeker and lover of pretty much everything.
  2. Travels Hop Girl – Traveling the world by land, sea, and air looking for fun and unique activities along the way.
  3. The Tech Gypsy – Robyn will teach you how to travel far, travel kindly, travel cheaply and travel well. 
  4. Two Feet, One World – A Kiwi, traveller and blogger, always with a smile on her face. A fan of good coffee and beaches in any form.
  5. My Travel Stamps – A travel blog and community dedicated to all things travel related.
  6. Live Wonderful – Danielle, a free-spirited photographer, reckless writer, motivational teacher and fierce friend capturing unique stories and share her experiences.
  7. Completely Gone Nomad – Elles, a 20-something year old travel junkie who’s ‘completely gone nomad’.
  8. Jet Set Chick – A travel blog all about sharing good food, new places, great service and creating memories.
  9. Jouljet – A blog from an Aussie girl, trying to make the world a better place.
  10. Nateniale’s Travels – A travel and lifestyle blog by a girl from a small island, Penang, in Malaysia.
  11. The Compulsive Traveler – Anya was born and raised in Soviet Russia, finish her university in US and is a globetrotter at heart.
  12. A Chinese Nomad – Julia has just returned from the adventure of her life, travelling around South America, the South Pacific and South East Asia for 12 months.
  13. Jackie Travels – Firsthand experiences as an American tourist in Europe.
  14. Sol Beam – A perpetual pilgrim’s 7+ year travel journal of soulful travels and living.
  15. Red Bohemia – A wandering spirit with a love for travel, yoga, books and chocolate.
  16. Travel Enlightenment – Learning more about the culture and meeting many people by traveling slow.
  17. Traveling Teri – Teri hasn’t been everywhere but it’s on her list.
  18. Travelling Assassin – This blog is dedicated to the satirical musings and adventures of a girl travelling the world solo.
  19. Road Trips and Train Rides – Pack your bags and take road trips and train rides with Janerma.
  20. Sharon Travelogue – An Indonesian student who enjoy sharing the love of traveling, eating, and cooking.
  21. Trips That Work – A Russian girl Irina is a travel fanatic, photography enthusiast, animal lover, and a reading junkie.
  22. Side Tracked Travel – Elisabeth’s stories of past, present, and future adventures, destination reviews, historical information, cultural insights, and photography.
  23. The Girl in Seat 5A – Lover of travel, photography, food, wine and writing.
  24. Come Away with Me – Jessica is a travel blogger and yoga instructor with a passion to wonder and spread positivity.
  25. A Life Less Beige – Nicole is a girl with big dreams on a mission to see the world and make a difference.
  26. The Touristin – For Dorothée travel is her cure and inspiration.
  27. Five Feet Flat – Anis from Malaysia quits her job in 2012, curious to know how it would all turn out.
  28. Miss Wanderlust – A Canadian girl with a goal to visit 30 countries by her 30th birthday.
  29. Midnight Blue Elephant – From her travels Annika collects stories, visuals, souvenirs and the odd elephants for good luck.
  30. Notes on Slow Travel – Overland traveler in Asia and South America since 2003.
  31. The Anthrotorian – Lindsay share passion for travel with her passion for anthropology and history.
  32. My Trip This Year – Leasha is travel blogger and student trying to do both at the same time.
  33. Life’s Great Adventures – Travel blog dedicated to life’s great adventures.
  34. Ever the Nomad – Anja is a traveler writer from Chroatia, based in NYC.
  35. There and Back Again Travel – Extraordinary Travel for Ordinary People.
  36. Voyager Vicki – Information and inspiration for cultural travel from world traveler Vicki.
  37. Life’s Wanderlust – Mari from Bulgaria explore the unique cultures of the world and share those amazing facts with you on her blog.
  38. ChicaDeeDee – Dannielle is and Expat from New York to England with a wanderlusting heart.
  39. Best Cultural Destinations – Meg explores the world’s cultural traditions & spiritual practices through travel and photography.
  40. RTW in 30 Days – Jenny McIver is an author, blogger & round-the-world addict. Having completes 9 RTW trips on all 7 continents she called the world her office.
  41. Small Crazy – An eccentric, colourful London girl with an adventurous spirit.
  42. Getting Close To – A video blog for travelers run by Dalia. She creates unconventional travel videos to get you closer to locals.
  43. I Put My Life on a Shelf – Long time Las Vegas addict morphing into solo world travel addict.
  44. Nomadder Where – Lindsay has spent the last seven years documenting experiences for global corporations and non-profits worldwide.
  45. Where in the World Is Rita – A 20-something Portuguese working as an art director and illustrator to support her even bigger addiction: travels.
  46. Psycho Traveller – Down to earth, practical advice on budget backpacking from You Tuber Aly.
  47. Nomadic American – Heather is a twenty-something American girl exploring the world. Currently teaching English in China.
  48. Stepping String – Jenny, girl with itchy feet and an interest in volunteer.
  49. Scarlet Jones Travels – Scarlet shares information and destination reports, plus accommodation, product reviews and travel tips.
  50. Explore du Jour – Follow the adventures of Laura from London, as she explores the world and its beauty – piece by piece.

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