A Couple Trip to Bora Bora Islands Tahiti in French Polynesia


Day 1: Tokyo to Papeete


Day 2: Huahine: A Secret Paradise on Earth

On day 2, we headed to the Huahine Islands. I and my wife liked this islands because of its serenity and less crowded roads. An amazing hotel here made our trip all the more incredible. The town had fine roads and a drive with my wife was all I needed to fulfill some couple goals. ;

Not to forget, there is no nightlife in these places which, in our case, was a blessing as we got more time to spend with each other and revive our love life.


Day 3: Moorea; Meeting the Sharks

After spending a startling day in Huahine, we headed to Moorea on our day 3 of the tour.  This was more of an adventure day as we got a chance to spot several sharks and rays.

The day included a boating trip to the ocean which was the first time I sailed on such clear and pure water. The evening sun was equally amazing putting a perfect day to a romantic end.


Day 4: Raiatea & Tahaa’s Coral Gardens

Day 4 took us to the Raiatea Islands and we were excited a lot because it was time for some rendezvous with the underwaters.  Tahaa’s is a famous place for snorkeling and Coral Gardens, which is located close to Raiatea. 
We geared up for the dive in the ocean and as we went underwater, we were spellbound to see how amazing the coral gardens look. It was a 100 meters stretch that introduced us to some exotic coral reefs.


Day 5: Tahiti Islands

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