Richest Politicians In India

Richest Politicians In India

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Here is a list for you - Richest Politicians In India

1. Anand Singh

- Anand Singh is a BJP MLA from Vijaynagara constituency in Bellary district of Karnataka.
- He served as one of 8 Senators nominated by the Leader of the Opposition in 2001 to 2006.
- His net worth is about INR 900 Crores in the year 2014.
- He serves as India's Tourism Secretary.
- He also has stakes in a mining company.

2. Abhishek Singhvi

- Abhishek Singhivi is a member of Indian National Congress party.
- Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha for the region of Rajasthan.
- He is a very talented politician who got his education from Harvard.
- He is also a senior advocate and used to act as his party's spokesperson.
- His net worth is about INR 860 Crores.

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3. Nama Nageswara Rao

- Nama Nageswara Rao is one of the current members of the 15th Lok Sabha in India.
- Currently the leader of the Telugu Desam Parliamentary Party.
- He was considered the richest among all the candidates for a government position that year.
- In 2004, he ran for the Lok Sabha, with about 1.73 billion rupees.
- His approximate net worth is INR 800 crore.

4. Dr. Mahendra Prasad

- Dr. Mahendra Prasad is currently an active member of the Parliament of India.
- He represents Bihar in Rajya Sabha.
- He is also known as King Mahendra in political circles.
- Currently serving his sixth consecutive term in the Upper House.
- He is also included in the rank of big moolah because he has a pharmaceutical business.
- His estimated net worth is INR 750 Crores.

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5. Dr. Vijay Mallya

- One of the richest members of parliament of India.
- Own his liquor baron.
- He representing Karnataka in Rajya Sabha.
- Mallya is an industrialist and larger parts of his assets are in the form of Bonds.
- He is the Chairman of public companies both in India and the US.
- His net worth stands at a figure of INR 500 Crores.

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7. Satyanarayana Chowdary

- He is a member of parliament in the Rajya Sabha as the representative of his native Andhra Pradesh, under the Telugu Desam Party at present.
- Founder and chairman of Sujana Group of Companies.
- He has been supporting many advocacies in politics ever.
- net worth - INR 190 Crores.

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9. Naveen Jindal

- Naveen Jindal known as an industrialist, Chairman of Jindal Steel and Power Limited.
- One of the members of parliament in the Lok Sabha.
- He represented Kurukshetra in the northern Indian state of Haryana.
- He is known for his effective campaigns for issues on women empowerment, education, and health.
- His estimated net worth is INR 130 Crores.

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