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10 Most Richest Countries In The World

10 Most Richest Countries In The World

There are countries in the world where you get richest citizen because their countries earn enough to support their every single citizen.

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1. Qatar

Qatar is the richest country on this earth with less than 2 million residents and about $182 billion GDP. It makes the Middle East Asia rich and given a top position in the list. The country depends on earning from petroleum and 85% in its export earnings. Tourism and banking are the area that generates for the country.

2. Luxembourg

Luxembourg, a European country has gained second position in the list as it is one of the richest countries on the planet. This country is also known as a tax heaven or the citizen. Many citizens of different countries want to live in here to get rid of expensive tax in their native countries. Telecommunications and steel industry are the main source for income for the country.

3. Singapore

Another country from Asia has gained third position and it is Singapore. Singapore is famous tourist place as it is consists of 63 islands. Singapore is forth richest country, including Honk Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan in South East Asia. It is a small country with 5.5 million populations with a huge percentage of Buddhism followers.

4. Norway

Norway is the richest country with 5 million people and a relatively high GDP. The GDP and population ratio makes the country one of the wealthiest countries on the planet. Norway is surrounded with other three prosperous countries that include Finland, Russia, and Sweden. Natural gas reserves and oil are the main source of income for the country.

6. Brunei Darussalam

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Brunei Darussalam is the Southeast Asia’s richest country. Natural gas and crude oil exports are the main source to generate revenue. The average annual GDP of Brunei of $50,400 and it is one of the least populated countries in the world. A Big chunk of revenue generated from petroleum and that add 90% to the country’s GDP.

7. United States of America

United States of America is one of the richest countries in the world and it generates revenue from exported goods that include weapons, technology, services, and products. America is known as most powerful country in the world facing all changes from natural calamities and political issues. America is the largest manufacturer and financial nation also.

8. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates has gained an 8th position with an annual GDP of over $48,400. Natural gas and oil exports, dates, and dried fish are the main source to generate revenue. UAE is the third largest country in the Middle East because of its GDP. The UAE has explored diverse business after depletion of oil reserves in the country.

9. Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the richest nations in the European continent. The nation has managed to continue a stable economy and an excellent record in terms of its GDP. Agriculture, tourism, and banking are sectors that make this country wealthiest among its competitors. The nation is leading exporter and maker of the expensive watches.

10. Kuwait


Kuwait with an average GDP of $43,700 gained 10th positing in the list and this makes it richest country among Arab countries and worldwide. Petroleum is the main source to generate revenue for Kuwait.

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