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Clickme ami
from ,
3 ★
Good place to hang out.
Ranjit devta
from Berhampur, India
5 ★
Suzanne Daniels
from , Singapore
1 ★
Hello travel linked me to a fake agency that robbed me of my money. When I informed them they were unhelpful in attempting to assist me. Beware! Would not use this site at all!
from Surat, Kenya
1 ★
I did not get any rates from the agent in time
from Delhi, India
5 ★
NOTHING TO SEE IN KATHMANDU EXCEPT TEMPLES. roads are very poor conditions with dusty. traffic jams . long delays
from Gorakhpur, india
3 ★
It was mos
from Ahmedabad, India
4 ★
Nice and beautiful
Krishna Prabhu
from Mumbai, India
4 ★
Kunal Gandhi
from Pune, india
1 ★
from ,
5 ★
Pokhera is very good tourist palace in napel
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