Nepal Visa on Arrival for Indians

Nepal Visa on Arrival for Indians

  Nepal issues several types and forms of visas and permits for all people from different countries who visit their country throughout the year. The types of visas that are issued by Nepal are in the form of Tourist Visa for the people who visit the country for limited time for tourism activities, Official Visa for people who visit the country for work-related purpose, Diplomatic Visa for the government officials and diplomats of other countries who visit Nepal, and Gratis Visa which is mainly given to the officials who visit the country on invitation to carry out their work and also as a guest of Nepal.

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Here is a list for you - Nepal Visa on Arrival for Indians

1. Things to know about Nepal granting a visa to Indians


There is no requirement of a visa for the Indian nationals who visit Nepal. However, The Nepal Embassy grants a single entry Visa on Arrival for 150 days to the Indian nationals when they arrive at their soil. The primary documents that Indians must carry while travelling to Nepal are national identity proof in the form of driving license, ration card or passport with a single copy of their photo. The proof of identification issued by the government authority of India for the Indian nationals must be carried while they travel to Nepal as per the laws of the Nepalese immigration.

There are sections under which the Nepalese immigration allows Indian nationals to enter their country if they possess the required and valid government-issued identification proof on arrival. All Indian nationals who travel via air to or from Nepal must compulsorily possess either a valid national passport or their election commission cards or any form of a photo identification card to identify them as Indian citizens. 

Other documents that can be accepted by the Nepalese immigration department to allow Indian national to their soil can be in the form of Emergency Certificate that is issued by the Embassy of India present in Kathmandu or an Identity Certificate that is issued by the Embassy of India present in Kathmandu. 

For the Indian nationals who are above 65 years of age and also for the minors who are below 15 years of age, there is no requirement of government-approved identification cards, but any relevant document can be accepted that is in the form of a valid photo identification proof that confirms their age and these can be in the form of Ration card, PAN card, CGHS card, Driving license, etc. For children who are between the age of 15 years and 18 years, are allowed to travel to Nepal from India based on their identity certification strength that is issued through their educational bodies along with a prescribed Performa from the principal of the educational institution.

2. Nepal Visa on Arrival for Indian families


Indian families travelling to Nepal where the family members comprise of husband, wife, their children, and their parents who travel together to the country of Nepal must compulsorily possess valid government identification proof in the form of valid Indian documents. However, in case one of the adult members of the family possess a valid identification card, it is not compulsory for all their members to carry mandatory photo identification their identification proof on arrival at the Nepalese soil. The other members of the family can carry identification proof that determines them as Indian nationals in case the Nepalese immigration department urges for the same to reveal them as a single family. These documents can be in the form of Driving license, Ration Card, CGHS certificate, School or college ID card, etc.

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3. Things that Indian Nationals should note while travelling to Nepal


Indian Aadhar card UID cannot be used as an authenticated document for travel to Nepal. Only the Indian embassy issued Certificate of Registration from Kathmandu, Nepal to all the Indian citizens without any valid identification proof is also not an acceptable document towards travel between Nepal and India. The Identity Certificate and the Emergency Certificate which is issued by the Indian Embassy present in Kathmandu, Nepal is only valid for a single journey while the Indian Nationals return to India from Nepal.

4. The requirement of Nepal Visa on Arrival for all Indian Nationals


It was made effective from the 1st day of October in 2000 that all Indian Nationals travelling to Nepal and who are above the age of ten years must mandatorily possess valid government-issued identification proof or equivalent certificates that identify them as valid Indian citizens to allow them to enter the premises of Nepal; however, there is no need for any pre-approved or On-Arrival Visa for the Indians while making their visit to Nepal. This is a mandatory process made by the Nepal embassy and is checked and verified for all the nationals travelling to the Nepalese province for any purpose of visit.

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5. Final Word


The need of Visa or permit for the Indian citizens travelling to Nepal is levied off as per the Indo-Nepal treaty that allows citizens of both Nepal and India with the right of free movement where the citizens of both the countries can travel across borders without a valid passport or visa. The only requirement is of a valid government-issued identification proof that determines the individuals as citizens of either Nepal or India. 

Passports are only needed by the individuals who intend to travel by air to Nepal from any other country other than India. Indian citizens travelling by air to Nepal do not need to possess a passport as any form of government-issued identification document serves the purpose and allows the individual to enter the Nepalese province. For all Indian citizens who intend to travel to Nepal via land on vehicles, need to get an entry pass before they enter Nepal, and this is mandatorily checked on the Indo-Nepal borders. 
This visa rule is applicable on to the Indian citizens who travel to Nepal, whereas other individuals from any other country must read all accepted norms relating to the Nepal Visa requirements before they plan to travel to Nepal for any purpose of visit.

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