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There are many things in Thailand that have brought name and fame to the country and are exclusive to the culture of Thailand. You have to be in Thailand to get the best of Thai Massage or the taste of succulent dishes with lavish use of unheard herbs and spices. Often referred to as the Golden Country for its unmatched culture, Thailand holds the position as prime tourist destination among Far East countries.Thailand covers a total area of around 513,115 km2, which is divided into 75 provinces. The landscape differs drastically as one moves from north of the country to the south. The northern part of the country is mainly mountainous with highest peak reaching a height of 2,565 m above sea level. The southern side of thailand is more towards the smoother side marked with islands and stunning beaches. The beautiful Thailand is bordered on the north by Laos and Myanmar; Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia to the south; Cambodia to east and Andaman Sea to west. The mainland Thailand is one thing and the tropical islands it is surrounded with are a different world altogether. If the big cities are attractive for their rich culture and breathtaking Buddhist monasteries, the islands, especially the Phi Phi Islands, are a spectrum of natures unbridled imagination. Thailand also offers wonderful diving spots, golden beaches, shimmering blue lagoons teeming with beautiful marine life and numerous adventure opportunities to keep the tourist entertained. As for culture and history, there are archaeological sites, museums, hill tribes and many monasteries to visit. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and also the largest city. Bangkok is rated by many as the best tourist destination in entire Asia for its diverse and unique offerings. It has also been adjudged the best city in the world in 2008. Some of the most important attractions of Bangkok are the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Bangkok National Museum. Other major tourist cities of Thailand are Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket.

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