Visa On Arrival Thailand

Visa On Arrival Thailand

  Indians who are looking forward to a trip to Thailand can get a visa on arrival Thailand facility as that has been made available. It means you need not wait in serpentine queues at the Thai Embassy for a tourist visa.    Although this facility comes with some riders yet it can be a pleasant departure from the earlier cumbersome process of getting a visa first and then traveling to Thailand. We shall detail here the complete visa on arrival Thailand process.   It's Easy to Get Visa for Indians in Thailand Upon Arrival - Getting a Visa for Indians in Thailand upon arrival has been made easy as it is amongst the chosen 21 countries that are eligible for the service.    However, a tourist needs to submit an application form for getting a visa on arrival in Thailand. The complete process is online and there are three modes of applying for it that we will discuss in the following sections.   The Complete Thailand Visa process - You have to fill an application form and after confirmation, the visa will arrive on your email. There three easy modes for getting a visa are as follows.   In the first mode, you only need to fill an online form by providing information like Name, Address, Passport Details and some information related to the trip, etc. The link is as follows.   button1=addforeigner. In the second VOA application mode, a person can choose the processing time for an application. The available options are us underneath. 1 Standard processing - Most people who apply for a visa online prefer to opt for this mode. The time involved for a visa processing in this mode is one business day and it costs a mere $20 for the service. 2 Rush processing - The waiting time for a visa processing is shortened in this mode as it can help out with a visa within two hours. However, the cost involved in availing this service is $50. 3 Super rush processing - It is perhaps the fastest way of acquiring a Thai visa as an application is processed within 15 minutes. Therefore, the cost involved in it is also the highest at $70 but that may be for a worth.     In the third mode, you can make an application for a visa on arrival Thailand by making a payment through iVisa and going through the first option. The link is as follows. It is to be noted here that only if you are visiting Thailand through the Suvarnabhumi Airport, you can avail of this facility.    If you have opted for this mode, do remember to ensure that you fill in all details correctly in the application form because once it is submitted you will not be able to make any correction in it. Requirements for a Thai Visa on Arrival - For acquiring a Thai Visa on Arrival, you need to have the following documents and papers in order. The completed application form - As described in the earlier section. Genuine Passport - As per International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO recommendations, a passport should have at least six months of validity so that you can get a visa for Thailand.  However, Thai Immigration Bureau Regulations 2014 provides some relaxations. A visa on arrival application can be processed if a passport has a minimum validity of 30 days from the time it is presented for the visa application. A passport photograph of the dimension 4 cm × 6 cm with ample light on the face and without any kind of distortion and against a white background. In case a person wears a spectacle, it should be ensured that light is not reflected in the eye and eyes stay clearly visible. A Confirmed Return Ticket - For staying in this visa-free country, a confirmed return air ticket within 15 days is required for getting a visa on arrival. A Confirmed Accommodation - For getting a Thai visa, you need to produce a confirmed accommodation during the stay. It can be in the form of a hotel reservation made by you or a signed letter from a host confirming your stay. Adequate Fund for the Tour - An interested person traveling to Thailand must have enough funds for the tour. At least 10,000 Baht per person or 20,000 Baht for a family is needed for getting a visa for Thailand. An additional 2,000 Baht as cash fee may also be needed.   Correct email address - An interested person should also provide a valid email address in the application form. It is because the concerned authorities send an application form that has to be properly filled in prior to the journey. Apart from all the formalities mentioned above, Thai authorities may also need to find out the purpose of your trip. It may be carried out so that they can confirm that you will not be staying in the country beyond the stipulated 15 days. There are 48 VOA checkpoints in the country. Once you reach any international airport of Thailand, you can produce all the needed documents at a checkpoint and get the required visa on arrival. There is One More Option - Apart from visa on arrival that is offered by Thailand for Indian citizens, there is one more category through which a person can get a Thai Visa. It is known as the Non-Immigrant Visa Category 'B' For 3 Years or the IMM.  It is especially meant for people who are willing to travel for business or training to the country and is valid for a period of 3 years. A holder of this visa can visit the country whenever needed till the visa stays valid.  However, the stay in the country should not exceed 90 days during a visit. Employment of any type is also prohibited in this type of visa.  All mentioned processes are easy and can be completed very soon. So, what are you waiting for? Select an option for a Thai visa and enjoy your holiday in this wonderful country.   

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