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Know these things about Coronavirus – FAQs

Nirmala Govindarajan
By Nirmala Govindarajan
| 17 Jan 2024 02:05 PM
Know these things about Coronavirus – FAQs

With the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus across the globe there has been a catastrophe and chaos everywhere. With the death rates tolling most of the industries, businesses including the share markets have dropped down drastically. The outbreak of the Coronavirus, Novel Covid-19 occurred in early February from the wet markets of Wuhan in mainland China. 
The virus has spread across the globe and has affected 1, 45,360 people with 5, 423 deaths. It is said that the virus spread largely because of the wet market trading in China. The host as of now is suspected to be bats. There are no medicines or vaccines available for this disease as yet, and the WHO has d it to be a pandemic disease now. 
Apart from mainland China, the virus seems to have affected largely the population of Italy, Korea, Germany, Greece, Spain, and India. The disease has instilled a sense of fear in people and has created a lot of chaos amongst the travelers. Most of the countries have banned international tourists from entering the country. Borders have been closed and the entire country of Italy is locked down as the death rates in Italy are rapid.  
The virus seems to be spreading from one person to person when they come in close contact with the infected person. The air droplets from coughing and sneezing are known to contain the virus which in turn can be inhaled by the person leading to infection. The symptoms are cold, dry cough, mild fever, and fatigue along with shortness of breath. 
When all these things are experienced, the chances of getting screened for Covid-19 can be high. There are many people who have recovered and have been discharged from the hospital. Deaths have generally occurred in old age people due to lack of immunity or weak immune system.
With the increasing fear of Corona; the travel and tourism industry have taken a major toll and most of the international travel remains canceled. The airports are on high alerts and the travelers are being screened and isolated for 14 days irrespective of the destination they are traveling to and from. There are a lot of things that people are worried about Coronavirus and Covid-19. There are several rules and regulations imposed in every country due to the outbreak of the virus. In this write-up, we have made an effort to answer the Frequently Asked Questions on Coronavirus. These FAQs may come handy to you especially when you are traveling.

Should I cancel my travel plans due to coronavirus?
At this point in time with the death rates increasing and the disease seems to have spread to almost all the countries across the globe, a lot of countries have banned visas for international travelers. Hence, making a travel plan for a foreign country at this time can be quite unwise. You would be unaware of the co-passengers and if any one of the passengers in the flight is infected everyone on the aircraft would be screened, isolated and quarantined for 14-24 days. Hence, making international travel plans at this point in time is not a recommended one. 

Should I travel during the coronavirus outbreak?
It is the choice of an individual. If there is a pressing concern and if you have to make an International trip, you may have to check with the concerned embassy. As the majority of the countries have banned entry to International tourists and travelers, the process of traveling can be quite tedious. The United States of America has banned the entry of people from 26 UK countries and parts of China. 
India has banned the entry of all international visitors. Returned people are also asked to get their screening done due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Hence, traveling during the coronavirus outbreak can be pretty difficult and a miserable one. 

What are the Coronavirus myths?
With the outbreak of Coronavirus, there have been a lot of myths that are revolving around this topic and some of them are as mentioned below:

  • Everyone should wear masks to prevent themselves from the virus
  • Masks can save us from being infected
  • Suspecting everyone who has a common cold, and fever for being infected by Coronavirus
  • The virus was made in a lab to wage a biological war by one of the countries 
  • Coronavirus is the ultimatum; infected people would certainly not make it back
  • Eating chicken can cause Covid-19
  • Pets are known to be infected and spread Coronavirus
  • Supplements like Vitamin-C can cure Coronavirus
  • Receiving a package from International destinations is no safer
  • Eating Chinese dishes can spread Coronavirus
  • Cleaning hands with sanitizers can cure Coronavirus 
  • Staying in places with high temperature can kill the virus 
  • Taking antibiotics can cure Coronavirus

Well, these are some of the myths that are revolving around the Coronavirus. However, there is no evidence to claim anything stated above to be even close to being considered as truth. Hence, one needs to be aware of the preventive measures instead of getting panicked. 

What are the basic protective measures against coronavirus?

  • Ensure to stay at home if you are having cold and cough.
  • Use your handkerchiefs, masks or even your elbows to cover your nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing
  • Refrain from handshakes, kisses, and hugs especially when the person is having flu-like symptoms
  • Wash your hands often and for 20 seconds to get rid of the germs from the surface
  • Avoid touching your face, nose, and eyes as the chances of germs can easily infect you by doing these
  • Use hand sanitizers or alcohol-based cleaning agents to clean your hands as these are disinfectants and can kill the germs 
  • Stay as clean as possible and make sure to keep your surroundings clean as well
  • Do not gather at places where there are too many people
  • Be careful when you are traveling the public transport system 
  • Make sure to meet the doctor if the cold and cough seems to increase 
  • Get medical assistance if fever and cold doesn’t subside within a couple of days of medication 
  • Get to know the difference between common cold, cough and flu and coronavirus symptoms
  • Do not panic unnecessarily
  • Keep the helpline numbers handy and if need be self-isolate 
  • Cooperate with the system in getting rid of the pandemic by following the rules and regulations laid by the authorities.

What are the protection measures for people who have recently visited areas where COVID-19 is spreading?

  • The ones who have visited the areas where COVID-19 is spreading are to be aware of the following:
  • Should be aware of the rules and regulations of the country or the state and must ensure to abide by the laws laid by the government.
  • Should self-isolate and keep the health ministry informed about the country where they are traveling from
  • Should ensure to cooperate during the screening and quarantine process
  • Should make sure to wear masks and also protect themselves and others 
  • Using sanitizers or any hand wash that is alcohol-based to keep their germs and viruses away from their hands 
  • Should make sure to visit the nearest health center and get them screened on their health status
  • Should maintain a distance of 5ft or more at least from everyone else during interaction
  • Should stay back in their homes and call the helpline numbers to isolate them when the symptoms of coronavirus are found
  • Avoid unnecessary travel plans and stay back at the place where they are so that they do not spread the disease even more.
  • Make use of tissue papers while sneezing and discarding them away in the closed dustbins should be practiced 
  • Use work from home option instead of commuting to office as soon as you return from any of the countries 

Can we take self-medication to cure Coronavirus?
It is always recommended to seek advice from the medical practitioners before administering any medicines by themselves. You may not be aware of the repercussions that the drug might cause. Also, there are no prescribed medicines or vaccines for Coronavirus until now. Hence, there is no self-medication for Covid-19.

Can we use antibiotics to cure Coronavirus?
Please be informed that antibiotics respond only when there are bacterial infections. Viruses like Corona, Ebola, Nipah, SARS, and MARS cannot be cured with the help of any antibiotics.

Are there any alternative medicines to cure Coronavirus?
As of now, there are no alternative therapies or medicines that have been developed to cure Coronavirus. There is no such evidence however; consuming general medicines from the alternative line of medicines to improve the immune system can be a little beneficial in fighting the virus.

Can the consumption of citrus fruits help in getting rid of the Coronavirus from the body?
No, the consumption of Citrus fruits can only help you to make your immune system stronger. With stronger immunity, you may be able to respond to the medicines better than anyone else if you are infected by Coronavirus.

Can Coronavirus cause deaths?
Yes, in extreme conditions if there is no proper health assistance Coronavirus can lead to fatal deaths. However, the majority of the infected cases are now recovering and getting discharged from the hospitals.

What are the countries that have banned Visas for International travelers now?
Almost all the countries have tightened their borders and aren’t allowing anyone to enter the country freely. Also, with these travelers from Corona, infected countries are put into a thorough screening process where they might be quarantined for 14 days depending upon the results of the scan.

How did Coronavirus spread?
The outbreak of the Virus happened in the wet markets of the Wuhan city in China after which the Virus has been spread to several other countries causing casualties and deaths. A lot of people across the world have been infected. While a majority of them are showing signs of recovery, the virus has consumed about 5436 people already. 

Which are the countries that are affected largely by Coronavirus?
The affected countries apart from mainland China are Italy, Spain, Korea, Thailand, Greece, Iran, Dubai, US, UK, India, Germany, Greece, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, parts of Central Africa and many more.

Apart from mainland China, is there any other country that has recorded a maximum number of deaths?
Yes, apart from China, Italy is the other country that has had a maximum number of deaths. China to date has recorded 3,189 deaths and Italy is at 1,266 amongst the 17,660 total numbers of cases.

Are traveling within the country dangerous?
With proper precautions in place traveling within the countries is considered to be safe. However, people themselves are refraining from unnecessary travel as of now. 

Are the transport system up and running?
There are no bans on the transport system as yet; depending on the seriousness of the disease the authorities might take a call whether or not to keep the transport systems active.

Are the household items available in the markets?
Yes, all the household items are available in the market and one can go shopping without any problems.

Is it safe to receive packages from foreign countries?
Yes, the packages are safe to be received because the germs on the surface can be easily cleaned. Hence, there is no trouble in receiving parcels from foreign countries.

Is it recommended to cancel my travel plans for any international destination? 
As already mentioned, Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 has been d as a pandemic by WHO hence; most of the countries are already on high alert. Unless it is a pressing concern canceling all the travel plans is recommended. Also, most of the attractions and tourist sightseeing places would be closed. Hence, going to a different country for leisure would certainly not make any sense.

Well, these are some of the Frequently Asked Questions related to Covid-19 and Novel Coronavirus. We have tried our level best to update you all on all the possible details and we are certain that this guide would certainly come handy when you are looking for some information related to the Coronavirus outbreak and travel plans during the Coronavirus outbreak to infected countries. 


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