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About Spain

Home to deserts of Almeria, rugged mountains of Pyrenees and coastal inlets like that of Galicia, Spain is full of opportunities for different adventure activities. Being one of the most geographically diverse countries, Spain has ample number of natural attractions; and having a rich culture and history, it has brilliant heritage buildings and museum to visit.Situated in the south western region of Europe, Spain is amongst the possessors of most diverse landscapes in entire Europe. With over 505,000 sq km of area, the nation covers nearly 84% of Iberian Peninsula, nearly half of which is high tableland. The meseta anjd is the second largest city in Western Europe after France. Spain shares a small border with France and Andorra in the north, Portugal and Atlantic ocean to west and a large part with Mediterranean Sea in south and east. The mountainous regions of Pyrenees in summers are lovely for hiking and as the winter sets in, they cover themselves in a white blanket of snow and gets ready to welcome thousands of skiers from around the world. The attractions like Guggenheim Museum, The prado and Burgos Cathedral have always fascinated visitors to the unparalleled levels and have given an insight into the history of this wonderful nation. The one thing that most people associate Spain with is the sport of Bull Fighting. An inseparable part of Spanish culture, even today it is enjoyed with the same enthusiasm and vigor as it was done when it originated in 8th century. It has only become more popular and more accessible to millions. Often referred to as the most romantic nation in the world by the virtue of its heartwarming language and spicy Salsa dance, Spain reserves itself a special place in the heart of all its guests. Madrid is the capital and the largest city of Spain and is most known for its simplistic yet charming buildings, vibrant culture and most of all, the splendid nightlife which is considered the best in the world. Experiencing
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Dev kum
28 Jun 2018 07:50 PM
very excellent experience
24 Jun 2018 12:07 PM
Extremely good
14 Aug 2019 12:32 PM
22 Oct 2018 04:41 PM
very good activates with accommodation
28 Sep 2017 03:28 PM
My overall experience in was Excellent. There is no entrance fee. It has easy and good availability of food & drinks.

Trip Ideas of Spain

17 Jan 2024
Where To Get Free Wine In Spain And Italy

  Enjoy 24/7 fountain that dispenses wine instead of water-without paying a penny! Spain and Italy have their own set of traditions and cultures, they love to celebrate and cherish their festivities and nothing starts without a cheer of a wine glass. Majorly known for most famous wines and cheese, Italy and Spain have throughout maintained their position in knowing for wines paradise. And when you get to know about the free wine fountains in these countries then you can’t go without quenching your thirst with that one fine glass of wine. These 24/7 wine fountains are a delight in itself and have become a major tourist attraction too, set up in most famous wineries, Ortona, Abruzzo, an Italian town south of Rome that’s known for its red Montepulciano wine grapes, have been making wine since 6th century B.C. Another one Bodegas Irache in Spain offers free wine to pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela along St. James way is a pure delight in itself.  

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17 Jan 2024
10 Places to travel with friends in Spain

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17 Jan 2024
Best Restaurants In Spain

 While every country has got its own richness, famous cuisines and fancy places to offer there is something very special about Spain and food. Some of the best restaurants worldwide are found in Spain that alone can tell you why so many are mad about the food capital of the world. Spain is the home of the most genius chefs and culinary minds in the world that makes Spain the gastronomic landscape and the hub of seven best restaurants in the world. Let us have look at some of these wonders of the food that no one can stop talking about: 

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17 Jan 2024
Best Bars In Spain

 The country which has got some beautiful tales on the wine making, Spain has got many of the amazing bars to sip on some great wines and cocktail. With he new bars opening up every month there Spain is also a hub of some great bars which has been century old. And one cannot forget gin and tonic while in Spain. This rudimentary drink one of the most famous and being country’s national obsession is enjoyed in many of the Barcelona’s bars. And if you are sucker for great cocktails, Barcelona is your place to enjoy some of the most delicious cocktail preparation worldwide. 

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