Where To Get Free Wine In Spain And Italy

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Where To Get Free Wine In Spain And Italy


Enjoy 24/7 fountain that dispenses wine instead of water-without paying a penny!

Spain and Italy have their own set of traditions and cultures, they love to celebrate and cherish their festivities and nothing starts without a cheer of a wine glass.

Majorly known for most famous wines and cheese, Italy and Spain have throughout maintained their position in knowing for wines paradise.

And when you get to know about the free wine fountains in these countries then you can’t go without quenching your thirst with that one fine glass of wine.

These 24/7 wine fountains are a delight in itself and have become a major tourist attraction too, set up in most famous wineries, Ortona, Abruzzo, an Italian town south of Rome that’s known for its red Montepulciano wine grapes, have been maki...

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1. Italy 5.0 


Dora Sarchese, a small vineyard in the Abruzzo region has worked out with a non-profit organization to construct a 24/7 wine fountain, for all the wine lovers and thirsty travelers in order to help and preserve the pilgrimage route to the way of St. Thomas.


Not just the free wine fountain, there is much more to explore in that region. Also, known as a spiritual path made up of churches, abbeys and lot many well-preserved villages in the region of  Lazio and Abruzzo has 316 km trail, which connects where the Apostle’s remains are said to have been kept since 1258, with St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.


With a lot of historical relevance and splurge of tourists majorly walk-enthusiasts, the free wine fountain is a treat and when its open 24 hours a day and seven days a week one cannot ask for more.

2. Spain 5.0 


If you are planning to take the little-traveled trail in the Spanish countryside then you can treat yourself with the free wine in Bodegas Irache in Spain, way to Santiago de Compostela along St. James Way. 

The region is known for its fine wines and historical landmarks and lot many pilgrims walk-through this route which is 12.2 km long a little more than 7.5 miles and pilgrims can quench their thirst with a free glass of wine.

Although to locate the fountain, you need to keep your mind and eye wide opened, as it's not that easy to spot. It is situated inside an ancient Monastery of Irache and the fountain is gated, which opens from 8 AM to 8 PM, unlike Dora Sarchese.

There is also a sign for visitors to drink in moderation and do not get overly-drunk or pack along with them.

3. What more to know 5.0 


We all know there are plenty of fountains all over the Italy and Spain, Rome alone boasts over 2,500 public fountains pumping out water, but fountains pumping out wine has given another meaning to the public-refreshment.


Still not feeling sloshed yet, then detour to Belgium, which has two-mile-long beer pipeline running throughout the city of Bruges that doesn’t mean they are sending beer to their home pipelines but surely one can explore the city’s world-famous breweries. 

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