Top 6 Places to Visit in Manila

Top 6 Places to Visit in Manila

Many foreigners and local travelers will visit the Philippines to enjoy their summers. There is no other better place than Manila to enjoy the cool summer. The breathtaking views and the scenic ambiance make it a perfect place for kids, elders, and newly married couples.  The place is filled with beaches, islands, ancient architectures, mountains, and unusual scenic beauties, which make the city charming unlike the other cities, which are hustle and bustle. This country was ruled by Japan, America, and Spain. You can find the tinge of their legacy in every walk of the city. This city is famously called as ‘Rome of the East’. If you are planning to fly to Manila this summer, you should not miss out to visit the following tourist attractions. And, it is important for you to plan the itinerary after learning about the landmark places in the city. Without witnessing the beauty of these places, your trip becomes incomplete. There is a myriad of places to visit in Manila.  However, we have listed the top places in Manila that are frequently visited by travelers when they come to the city. 

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Here is a list for you - Top 6 Places to Visit in Manila

1. Rizal Park

This is the biggest of all public parks that are very close to Filipinos. It is backed by a lot of history. You cannot miss visiting this park when you are making a visit for pleasure or business to the city. This park was built in the place where the national hero, John Rizal was executed. 
This park is spread over 140 acres and comprises of lush green fillers, ornamental garden, historical figures, and musical fountains along with Orchidarium. This park is known by another name, i.e. Luneta Park where you find most of the couples taking a stroll on the lawns to spend some quality time with each other.

2. Fort Santiago

This is the first place that you need to visit in Manila as this is one of the top places in Manila. This fort was built in 1953 and is in Intramuros. There are many structures that are carved on the stone walls. The most famous structure of all is Rizal Shrine. The fort has a lot of history under its belt from the Spanish conquest to World War II. The ancient architecture makes it a perfect place for photographers to capture the beauty of the fort from all angles. This sightseeing place can never be missed by travelers when they are in the Philippines. 

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3. Manila Ocean Park

This is the most loved place by kids and elders equally. The fauna species would make it a visual treat for your eyes when you step into the park. Not a day is enough to see the attractions in the park. There are around 14,000 animals and 270 marine species. This is the biggest aquarium in the world. The animal show would take your amusement to another level. You can witness the Seal Lion Show, Penguin show and All the Bird show when you are in the Park. 

4. San Agustin Church

This is the important tourist attraction that you can never miss to visit in Manila. This is the oldest of all churches in the Philippines that was constructed in 1956. This Church has gone through many refurbishments while retaining its old essence in 2013. The Church has got the prestige of getting listed on the UNESCO World Heritage site.  The magnificent Baroque architecture would not let you take off the eyes from the beauty of it. The visitors can witness the traditional mass or weddings happening in the church if they are lucky enough.

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5. National Museum Church

When you are in the city with kids, you should definitely take them to this place to make their trip fulfilling. This Church has a lot of history and heritage. You can see the walls of this Museum Church filled with history as you enter. The best part is that there is no entry fee to enter into the Museum. The reason is that the government wants everyone to learn the history of Filipino. This place promises a lot of fun and never makes you feel bored.

6. Malacanang Palace

This is the official residence of the Philippines President. Though this is not the frequently visited place by the tourists, if you get a chance to visit, you should never give a miss. There is a lot of history behind the palace and make it another amazing place to visit in Manila for free of cost. This place was built in the 18th century in a neoclassical style. This place is very well maintained by the government authorities. When you visit the Presidential Museum and Library, you can get to learn about the city post-independence. 
The above are the top places in Manila and the best tourist spots that you can explore in this famous city in the Philippines. 

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