Best Honeymoon Destinations in Sikkim

Best Honeymoon Destinations in Sikkim

Residing at the place bordered by China in it’s north and east, Bhutan at it’s east, Nepal at the west and India to it’s south, Sikkim is the second smallest state, in India. This state is a hotspot for tourists regarding its biodiversity, it’s portion in the Eastern Himalayas. The alpine and subtropical climate makes the place a flock of tourists. The Buddhist monasteries and scenic beauty contribute to a large economic income through tourism. Spending such a beautiful climate, with the picturesque attractiveness must be on the bucket list for many of the couples going/choosing a place for their romantic and soothing honeymoon stay. Some of the most famous and visited sites of Sikkim that is bound to make your journey go superbly:

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Here is a list for you - Best Honeymoon Destinations in Sikkim

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1. Nathula Pass

<a href='' class=''>Nathula Pass</a>

Best time to visit: May-October is the right time to visit(temperature 10-20 degrees). Snow clad Nathula can be visited during November and March.

Closed to the public on Mondays and Tuesdays. Open from Wednesday and Sunday.

Average cost/couple: 2 thousand to 3 thousand (including the permit).

Permit: Photo ID proof, two passports sized photos. Permit not required for children under 4 years.

Reach there: 52kms from the heart of Gangtok, you can visit Nathula Pass by vehicles from the authorized tours in Gangtok. Shared jeeps and other such automobiles like Bolero, Sumo, Scorpio etc can be hired.

Major attractions: NathuLa is the famous mountain pass in the Himalayas, that connects the Sikkim border with that of China (14,140 ft above the mean sea level).

2. Changu Lake

<a href='' class=''>Changu Lake</a>

Best time to visit: For a snow covered Changu Lake, it can be visited during January-March. The clear view of the spotless water and the surrounding hills, October-December is perfect.

Average cost/couple: For an overall trip with booked vehicle, the cost is about 5 thousand. The shared vehicle costs about 1 thousand.

Reach there: 39.7kms through the Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Changgu Lake can be visited with reserved or shared vehicles like Sumo, Innova, etc.

Major attractions: Located at a height of 12, 310 ft above the mean sea level, this is a glacial lake that means “Source of Water”. The lake is about a kilometer in length and has an ovoid structure.

Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple can be visited on the same tour, as it has a distance of 16.4kms between them. Takes about 23 minutes via road automobile.

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3. Yumthang

Best time to visit: Full blooming flower visit is from late February to mid-June, but snow-clad valley beauty is October to mid-January.

Average cost/couple: A three-day package with hotel charges about 2.5 thousand to 4 thousand.

Reach there: Lachung(village before Yumthang) takes about 7 hours in a sumo ride from Gangtok. Lachung to Yumthang (24kms) takes an hour ride.

Major attractions: The beauty of a river flowing right through the flowered valley!

4. Zero Point

<a href='' class=''>Zero Point</a>

Best time to visit: Best-fit during March-April.

Average cost/couple: 20 thousand to 22 thousand (2 days package)

Reach there: The same route you took to visit Lachung!

Major attractions: The best place to watch a snowfall during the winters! But extreme cold and unpredictable weather make it a bit tough not.

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5. Rumtek

Best time to visit: All the year round, especially September to June!

Average cost/couple: 1 thousand to 1.5 thousand.

How to reach: 23 km from Gangtok, the drive through mountain roads will take you there.

Major attractions: Surrounded by eye-catching greenery and the Golden Stupa containing various relics.

6. Bhankari


Best time to visit: October to February.

Average cost/couple: Costs about 1thousand to 1.5 thousand.

Reach there: 4kms away from town, a car or jeep can bring you here.

Major attractions: The flourishing green environment of the 70ft waterfall is filled with excitement and adventure. The walking bridge over the stream and the dragon splash created due to the fall add to the exhilaration.

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