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Foods of Sikkim- 8 dishes of Sikkimese Cuisine that you must try when you visit Sikkim

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1. Momo Dumpling

Momo, who doesn’t know this amazing Tibetan delicacy. Sikkim is the place where you can eat one of the best momos.  Momos are considered as of Tibetan origin and customized by Nepalese cuisine, undoubtedly are the lifeline of Sikkim. Momo is a steamed bun with some filling inside. Momo is made up of covering with some filling inside it. Usually covering is made up of dough of white flour and filling is made up of various things such as veggies, chicken chunks, Tofu, and cheese, etc. For getting the best momos in Sikkim, tourists can consider The Roll House, Shuffle Momos, and The Taste of Tibet in Gangtok.

2. Thukpa or Gya Thuk

Thukpa is a very famous Tibetan dish. It is an amazing amalgamation of soup with noodles that has emerged as one of the most loved food in Sikkim. Thukpa is a dish that is very tasty and nutritious at the same time as it contains chicken and various vegetables grown here in the Sikkim like carrots, bell peppers, spinach, cauliflower, and celery. Tourists can get two types of Thukpa, Chicken Thukpa, and vegetarian Thukpa. Both are very tasty and worth trying. Veg only Thukpa is also available for the vegan tourist as well. Almost every café and restaurant serve Thukpa, but it is good to try it from local street vendors for the best and authentic taste of it.                

3. Phagshpa

Phagshpa is a non-vegetarian dish of Sikkim. The dish is prepared by a strip of pork fat stewed with dry chilly and radish. The tangy and spicy taste of this exotic dish is rich in proteins as well with very little oil. Pork is the main ingredient of this dish, hence the dish is not meant for vegetarian one. In order to try the most authentic Phagshpa in whole Sikkim, you can try out the Dragon Hotel in Sikkim

4. Sha Phaley

This is another wonderful dish with Tibetan Origin made up of three main ingredients bread, meat, and deep-fried stuff. It is served with chilly sauce. Ground beef and cabbage are used as stuffing into bread cover which is later mold into semi-circle shape and then deep fry is all that this delicious dish takes to prepare. It is very crispy from outside and soft inside due to the filling of soft beef and cabbage. With different demands from different tourists, a lot of variations have taken place in the traditional dish. Moreover, people even accept the customization of the dish with cheese and tofu to the stuffing. Sha Phaley also can be customized as per the need of vegetarian people by removing beef and adding cheese or tofu in it. The Roll House in Gangtok serves the best Sha Paley in Sikkim.

5. Gundruk

Gundruk is typically a Nepalese origin and also one of the staple foods in Nepal. The dish is completely vegetarian and prepared out of some leaves of mustard, cabbage, and radish. It is prepared in earthen pot traditionally, however, people have started using other ways of making the same dish. The dish is very rich in nutrition and also helps in maintaining metabolism.

6. Sinki

Sinki is another traditional dish of Nepalese origin that hasn’t changed majorly in terms of ingredients or in the preparation process. It is similar to Gundruk, but the main ingredients of this dish are radish and taproots. The dish is prepared by drying the reddish and taproots. Once it dried, it can be used for a year as well. This Sinki is used in soups and stews and it also can be used as a pickle.

7. Kinema

Kinema is a dish made up of soya beans. Soya beans are boiled and fermented for making this dish. Fermentation of boiled soya beans results in a sticky texture and pungent smell. The dish can be enjoyed with rice as a side dish. It is like an alternative for meat for vegetarian people. Kinema has its popularity not in Sikkim only but in Nepal and Darjeeling also. The dish is highly healthy with a good amount of antioxidants and lower fat levels.

8. Dhindo

Dhindo is a vegetarian dish that is consumed on a daily basis by the people of Sikkim and Nepal. It is made out of buckwheat, ground millet, and cornflour. The dish is enjoyed with millets stick and chutney or soup.

Sikkim is a very beautiful place with some amazing traditional dishes. The food of Sikkim is influenced greatly by Nepal and Tibet, but the local essence can be felt or experienced here in Sikkim only.  Food of Sikkim is a unique mixture of both health and taste.

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