She is daring, she is fun loving, she is smart and travel enthusiasts!! She treks the mountains, rows the seas, and rides the waves and much more- all alone. A solo woman is one daring mind, body and soul that loves travelling and unveiling ious have hidden secrets across the globe. Thankfully she is gracious enough to let you enjoy her experiences and prepare yourself for a solo trip to the same trail. Solo woman travel blogs are knowledgeable enough to help you shed away your doubts and head on to your favourite place in the world enjoying the company of your own. Here are the top solo woman travel blogs 2018 for all aspiring solo woman travellers who wish to do it on their own:

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Here is a list for you - TOP SOLO WOMAN TRAVEL BLOGS 2019


  1. Leah Travels – Leah’s a travel and food writer who has as many stories as she does shoes.
  2. Wonderful Wanderings – Sofie is a freelance writer and travel blogger from Belgium. Looking for stories around the world.
  3. This Is My Happiness – Jenna, a California-based freelance writer and ESL instructor, writes about slow travel, art, and culture.
  4. Ashley Abroad – Since graduating college Ashley lived in France, backpacked Europe, India and Asia.
  5. Girl Tweets World – A travel writer from London who blogged her way around 40 countries before turning 30. On this page you’ll find inspiration and advice relating to travel and social media.
  6. The Trusted Traveller – Reliable travel tips and inspiration from Australian girl Jenget.
  7. The Russian Abroad – 23 year old travel blogger, born in Latvia, educated in Germany, now living in Ecuador. Nature lover.
  8. Trip Wellness – Elaine travels, writes, podcast and is constantly inspired by the world and fellow travelers.
  9. Cultural Xplorer – 20-something New York City based traveller is exploring world culture through travel, food, and people.
  10. C’est Christine – A blog about solo female travel, stylish packing and creating an intentional lifestyle in New York City.
  11. Voyager for Life – Renuka is an Indian travel blogger, wanderlust soul who travels to discover, learn and grow.
  12. Solitary Wanderer – Tales and tips of a solo female traveler. Aleah started travelling alone when she was 11.
  13. Nomadic Chick – Jeannie is roaming the world since 2010, sharing stories and inspiring the soul.
  14. PS I’m on My Way – Trisha left her comfortable spot of life to travel remotely and to experience the world through volunteering, teaching, family stay, learning languages and cuisine.
  15. Candice Does the World – Candice, from Newfoundland, is travelling the world while doing some freelance travel writing.
  16. Women on the Road – Leyla shares her first-hand travel experience to inspire and inform your travels with ethical, practical and fun advice.
  17. Globetrotter Girls – Dani went nomadic in 2010. The first-hand account of a girl exploring the world.
  18. Just Travelous – Ivone’s motto is “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. Be travelous.”
  19. Bitten by the Travel Bug – Nicole’s solo journey around the world in search of adventure, culture and just a little bit of luxury.
  20. Be My Travel Muse – Kristin is traveling the world in the most genuine way possible, always talking to locals and delving deep into the culture.
  21. Wild About Travel – Simon’s blog is reflecting her passions of discovering new places, feeling strong emotions and finding inspiration.
  22. My Wanderlust – Kami Napora is a Polish solo traveler and blogger, interested in alternative spots, street art, off the beaten path places with difficult history.
  23. Lemonicks – For solo Indian female backpacker, Nisha, traveling is counting number of memories, and not places.
  24. Lemonicks – For solo Indian female backpacker, Nisha, traveling is counting number of memories, and not places.
  25. Twenty Something Travel – Travel adventures of Stephanie, twenty-somethings girl who can’t sit still. She blogs about travel for twenty-somethings and why your twenties are the best time to travel.
  26. Dangerous Business – Meet Amanda, Ohio girl, who tries to balance a “normal” life with a desire to discover the world.
  27. The Travel Hack – Monica Stott is a travel addict in search adventures with a splash of style, that won’t break the bank.
  28. Neverending Footsteps – Physicist turned digital nomad/travel writer, travelling full-time since 2011. Author of How Not to Travel the World.
  29. Inside the Travel Lab – Abi is a writer and photographer who swapped a career as a doctor for a life on the road. On her blog she writes about her unusual journeys.
  30. I am Aileen – Aileen from Philippines is a digital nomad living a sustainable travel lifestyle. She wants to prove that a life of travel is not only for the rich.
  31. My Yatra Diary – A blog focusing on spiritual destinations complete with extensive description, photographs, places to stay and eat, shopping, etc.
  32. Travel with Kat – Kat is a writer, photographer and human rights and sustainable tourism active supporter.
  33. Lakshmi Sharath – A travel blog of an Indian Backpacker who journeys around India, world, people and places.
  34. Bunch of Backpackers – Manouk is a Korean girl from the Netherlands. On her Dutch-English travel blog she writes about adventure and cultural explorations around the world.
  35. Nomad Girl – Jasmine’s tips on working and volunteering abroad while travelling.
  36. The Travel Chica – Stephanie travels solo through Central and South America following her motto “live simple, consume less, experience more”.
  37. Itchy Feet – A travel writer from India blogging on travel since 2003. Her blog is one of India’s oldest and most popular travel blogs.
  38. The Culture Map – Shing recently moved to London. Her travel blog specializes in London life, Scandinavia and the Arctic.
  39. Oneika the Traveller – Canadian blogger and vlogger Oneika, a serial expat and travel junkie has travelled to 70 countries on 6 continents.
  40. Indiana Jo – Ex lawyer from London, great resource to help you craft your own travel adventure to see the world on your terms and to your budget.
  41. Solo Friendly – All you need to travel is you! Grey’s blog about solo travel.
  42. Caroline in the City – A blog about one girl’s adventures in cities and travel tales around the world.
  43. Pinay Travel Junkie – A Filipina backpacker mom with perpetual hunger for adventure.
  44. Let’s Go Wander – Kisty is a creative free-spirit and lifestyle blogger with a thirst of adventure.
  45. Jetting Around – A travel blog by Paris-based, Krakow-native Pola. Check her blog for city-focused travel, urban culture worldwide and beautiful photos.
  46. Going Nomadic – Is an anti-tourist, adventure travel blog that actively seeks out experiences that you can’t find in a guidebook.
  47. To Europe and Beyond – The best of Europe and beyond in the eyes of Canadian.
  48. Sarah Somewhere – Sarah is discovering the beauty of an imperfect journey.
  49. Mad Travel Diaries – A Trini female world traveller with a serious addiction to globetrotting.
  50. Cubicle Throwdown – A travel/expat blog that chronicles Rika’s adventures as a paralegal-turned-dive instructor on an island in the Caribbean.
  51. Adventures All Around – In her blog and weekly radio travel segment Amanda combines two things she loves: travel and chatting.
  52. Runaway Jane – Jane is a serious travel addict. She wants to inspiring other people to travel and break the stereotypes and preconceived ideas people have about places around the world.
  53. Chasing Travel – Cristina blogs and vlogs on local travel and cultural experiences.
  54. Dopes on the Road – Meg is a full time traveler and queer travel writer.
  55. Lola’s Travels – Lauren DiMarco is a fun-loving traveler with a flair for finding adventure and spreads humor everywhere she goes.
  56. Little Things -Marissa shares tips and stories of her adventures around the world, ultimately focusing on appreciating the little things in life.
  57. The Travelbunny – A travel blog by Suzanne Jones, aiming to inspire wanderlust and culinary curiosity with a dash of adventure.
  58. The Travelbunny – A travel blog by Suzanne Jones, aiming to inspire wanderlust and culinary curiosity with a dash of adventure.
  59. Helen in Wonderlust – Helen, a thirty-something, UK-based adventurer and travel blogger with special love for Africa.
  60. Nomadic Chica – Slow traveller from Chile experiencing the world solo from Latina perspective.
  61. This Girl Loves – Sara shares stories and photographs from her travels, along with the best beauty discoveries she’s made on the way.
  62. Reclaiming My Future – Toni’s journey is proving that life happens when we least expect it.
  63. Beyond Blighty – Arianwen has been bitten by the travel bug. Her current adventure: backpacking in Central America.
  64. The Boho Chica – Natasha is a Dubai based travel blogger & writer experiencing the world in cultures, cuisines & hiking trails.
  65. Further Bound – Hannah is a writer and designer slowly house-sitting her way around the world.
  66. Globe Guide – Tamara’s savvy advice to help plan the perfect trip. Where to go, what to see and how to avoid paying too much.
  67. Treasure Tromp – Discovering life’s little treasures one adventure at a time.
  68. Digging Art – A travel writer and photographer sharing her love for art.
  69. Fleeting Life – On Christina’s blog you will find funky travel & lifestyle content, with a focus on local culture via music, food, & unforgettable experiences.
  70. Taylor Hearts Travel – A travel lifestyle blog featuring stylish, unique and exciting travel for you, your home and wardrobe.
  71. The World and Then Some – A worldwide travel blog, for the ambitious, adventurous & photography-obsessed.
  72. The Fly Away American – A former Texan turned serial expat. Jess is now living on the coast of England.
  73. Savoir Faire Abroad – Pamela is a travel writer and photographer from Canada. Over the past 3,5 years she has been travelling through Asia and Europe.
  74. Elenas Travelgram – Elena, an expat in France, is having cool adventures on a tight budget.
  75. Explore for a Year – Lily’s year of travel around the world and back.
  76. Unbrave Girl – Sally is big scaredy cat, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing a lot of things she is scared of. Like traveling the world.
  77. Unbrave Girl – Sally is big scaredy cat, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing a lot of things she is scared of. Like traveling the world.
  78. Where Is Jenny – Jenny travels the world while running location independent graphic design business.
  79. Megan Starr – Megan is on the road in search of good food and beer. She is an expat in Norway.
  80. Isabelle’s Travel Guide – Isabelle’s practical travel guide to journey around the world.
  81. The Pin The Map Project – Nikki shares solo traveling tips, travel hacks, destination guides, food & drink stories and more.
  82. The Love Assembly – Aubrey is the style-conscious traveller and author for Condé Nast Traveler.
  83. One Penny Trip – An adventure oriented solo woman travel blog, about Africa, Middle East and off the beaten path destination.
  84. Flying Dutch Girl – Hester backpacks around the world until she runs out of money.
  85. Just Wanderlust – A discerning, food-loving, & culturally curious road warrior seeks the world’s beautiful and bizarre destinations.
  86. One Girl: One World – Francesca is a tri-lingual travel guru and former expat seeking my next inspiration and adventure.
  87. Traveling My Way Home – A blog for everyone who considers themselves to be a world citizien.

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