Top 5 Trekking Destinations In Manila

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Top 5 Trekking Destinations In Manila


Manila has endowed all around with natural beauty in ample measure so that there are many small mountains near the capital hence, treks in Manila can be an exciting activity. Trekking and hiking enthusiasts can be glad to know that most of them can be covered within a day. Discovering nature can be done simply by undertaking a trekking expedition and when there are so many near the capital itself, one can surely take the plunge and enjoy trekking with friends or family. 


Five of the best trekking destinations in Manila are mentioned here so that anyone can select a trek, venture out and get an experience of a lifetime.

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1. Taal Volcano San Nicholas

Taal Volcano San Nicholas


It is a two to three hours trek that will not be tough for any beginner and the complete journey can be quite satisfying, especially after reaching the summit. The Taal volcano is in Batangas that is only a few hours’ away from the city and it is one of the most treasured places around. However, for reaching the location, a boat ride may have to be taken and it is always recommendable to undertake the trek in a group so that there can be company and the cost can also be lessened substantially. The hike is not so steep or strenuous so that with a steady pace, one can easily reach the peak and this is one of the trekking destinations in Manila. 


The Craters Lake is at a height of 311 meters over sea level and upon reaching the place; one can see the second most active volcano of the country from the best location that anyone can ever get. Going near to the Red Lava can help in viewing the molten material from the nearest that man could ever get to it and the complete journey to the top can seem worthy of all the pain. 

2. Mt Manalmon San Miguel

Mt Manalmon San Miguel


Mt. Manalmon is roughly an hour’s trek from Manila and reaching the base of the mountain can take two to three hours from the capital. It is a part of the Biak-na-Bato National Park and the rock formations on the way have extraordinary developments ideal for sightseeing. The peak is at a height of 196 meters over sea level and there are many caves on the way. A noteworthy part of the trek is passing through a monkey bridge over the Madlum River and that can be quite awesome. 


A visit to the Bayukbok Caves on the way can make the journey more entertaining. The magnificent view of Mt. Arayat and the Sierra Madre from its peak can be heartening. 

3. Mt Romelo Siniloan Laguna

Mt Romelo Siniloan Laguna


It is a rather easy trek that can hardly take an hour for completion. It can be a beginner’s best climb and the grassland base of the mountain can easily be reached in about three hours from the capital. However, during the rainy season, mud may have to be crossed near the base. On the way, one can see many natural waterfalls like the Lanzones Falls, Buruwisan Falls, Sampaloc Falls, Batya-Batya Falls, and the Twin Falls that present a stunning view of the area. Erecting a camp on the peak and staying overnight can be quite pleasurable for any trekking enthusiast. So, don’t you think you must be planning for these kinds of treks in Manila? 

4. Mt Sipit Ulang Rodriguez

Mt Sipit Ulang Rodriguez


This 252-meter hill situated in Rizal can be any mountain climber’s dream as it is a slightly different type of trail than any other conventional climb. It can take an hour’s journey to reach its peak and get an astonishing glimpse of the iconic Sierra Madre Mountain range. The rock formation of Sipit Ulang is like a “crab’s claw” and that justifies the name perfectly. The trek can be different than any other mountain due to the fact that dragging and cluttering may have to be undertaken to get past a short cave that leads to its summit. One can also enjoy a bath in the Payara Falls while making the descent. 

5. Mt Gulugod Baboy Mabini

Mt Gulugod Baboy Mabini


It is an easy to mid-level trek that is situated at a height of 525 meters over sea level and can easily be scaled within two hours. Trekkers can reach the base of the mountain in three hours from the capital. The peak of the cliff looks like the spine of a pig and that justifies its name thoroughly. From its peak, the coastal scenery can be seen in a completely stunning manner. 


Especially when there is sunrise or sunset the view can be absolutely fantastic. There are a lot of diving spots and beaches in the area and trekkers can also look forward to island hopping in Maricaban and Sombrero Islands after the expedition.   


These are some of the best trekking destinations in Manila and anyone can plan a trek and enjoy the journey with family or friends. 


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