Do Not Forget To Do These Things While in Manila

Do Not Forget To Do These Things While in Manila

Manila is the capital of the Philippines and the largest city of the island.  Among all the mad rush and cacophonous sounds, it has a vibe of its own so that a visitor to the city can indulge in many types of activities over here or even just roam around its streets to stay sufficiently enjoyed. There is a definitive friendly culture all over the place that makes it all the more appealing for tourists. Moreover, there are a lot of entertainment opportunities that the city can throw on one’s face. Some things are there in Manila that must be involved in so that one can understand the flavour and culture of this exotic destination. In the following sections, we take a look at some of the must-do things in Manila.   

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Here is a list for you - Do Not Forget To Do These Things While in Manila

1. Visit the Intramuros

 The Spanish Old Town of Intramuros is a splendid place to visit as one can see the Spanish-era edifices in this walled city. The schools and churches inside the city are a replica of the signature Spanish architecture that can seem stupendous. There are horse-drawn carriages as well as guides available here who can help in identifying all the important places around the city and one must be hired for a satisfying experience. 

Thankfully, the thick surrounding walls of the city can keep a person suitably insulated from the mad traffic outside. A trip to this city must be undertaken on a visit to Manila and is surely a must-do things in Manila

2. Enjoy a stint with GK

GK or Gawad Kalinga, is a voluntary organization that works for the upliftment of the poor by providing them with homes for a better living. It aspires to make sustainable villages coupled with a safe environment. There can be many types of volunteering options with the organization so that this must be done on a visit to the city. One can be able to see some great development sites and even meet some truly inspiring souls. 

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3. Sunset at Manila Bay Waterfront

Watching the sunset from the Manila Bay Waterfront can be quite an experience as a mesmeric view can always be expected on the horizon. One can always expect a huge crowd at the place, partly due to the Mall of Asia but then the ambiance can always be party-like. The ice-cream carts over here can always make it all the more pleasurable with their catchy tunes.

4. Try out the Filipino Karaoke

While feeling lonely or lost-out, it can be one of the best things to do. Visit a Filipino Karaoke booth and enjoy the high-tech sound systems in whichever song you want to pair with. One can always expect a typical Filipino vibe by the crowd so that no one will ever feel not being Sinatra over here! On the positive side, it can really help in feeling good and getting a boost from within.

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5. Enjoy a Cockpit fight

Cockfight is a popular pastime and gambling that is enjoyed in a Cockpit. People sitting on benches try to predict the top of their voice and place odds on the fiercest rooster. Once the fight is called, there is a pin drop silence till one of the roosters get killed and money is collected from the unfortunate bookies. The atmosphere of the place can be electric at times and a visit to such a place in Manila can be absolutely fantastic. 

6. Enjoy Balut as it is not available elsewhere

Balut is a type of egg that has egg white and soup in it and there is a particular madness in drinking the contents correctly! Many food stalls across the capital sell the item by advertising it on cheap Styrofoam chests announcing “BALUT”. It can be one of the most bizarre foods that one can taste in a lifetime but the pleasure can be all the more defining.

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7. Take Jeepney ride

Jeepneys are all over the capital as these are the most trusted and the cheapest way to travel around. These primitive looking World War II jeeps are helmed by drivers who seem to be transporting chickens to the farm! Sitting inside them with a lot of passengers may get a person confused about the outside world yet a ride on them can be worth an experience. 

These are some of the best things that one must indulge in while visiting Manila so that the city’s aura and culture can be understood in detail. 

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