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5 hotels in Dubai that offer the best of luxuries

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When it comes to holiday, we can never forget Dubai which has so much to offer. From the amazing malls to the beautiful Ferrari World, Dubai is a total fun city. This city is actually a safe one where the crime rate is quite low as compared to other countries. As Dubai is a land of Sheikhs, it is also famous for the lavish hotels which provide the best of luxuries. Given below are the five best luxurious hotels which you must stay in if planning a trip to Dubai.

Burj Al Arab
Burj_Al_Arab_-_Royal_Suite_-1500x850_1525194719s11.jpg Photo by: getyourguide

When we talk about luxury, Burj Al Arab is the first one in the list which is the most expensive property to stay in Dubai. The hotel is in the shape of the giant ship rising in the sky which makes it all the more attractive. The suites are beautiful for which stairs are made up or marble and gold. From the room, you can have 360 degrees view. This is just a place where you won't feel less than a king or queen.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel
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This is one of the most prime properties in Dubai which is loved by the visitors. This is situated close to Burj Al Arab and from this hotel, the most famous shopping center in Dubai is just ten minutes walk. All the rooms offer sea view and they are highly decorated. The hotel has twenty-one restaurants from which you can choose to dine.

Raffles Dubai

This hotel is inspired by Egyptian culture and is in the shape of a pyramid. The hotel is not situated in a famous location but is beautifully made. The rooms are well designed and it offers a new charisma to its guests. All the rooms are huge enough and have a private terrace for the visitors to enjoy the view and relax.

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