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Destination: Cambodia
Cambodia is only just awakening to its real potential as a tourist destination. Out of the grip of political unrest, Cambodia is fast emerging as a must visit destination in Southern Asia. The standout feature of Cambodia is the long preserved culture and the many architectural wonders. The most charming factor, however, are the friendly and humble people of Cambodia.Cambodia covers an area of nearly 181,035 km2 and shares a border with Thailand in west, Laos in northeast and Vietnam in east and southeast. Under the Khmer Empire, Cambodia prospered and made its mark as the land of temples. Khmer architecture gained name far and wide. There is no arguing that the most splendid example of architecture in Cambodia is Angkor Wat. Often called the 'Mother of All Temples', Angkor Wat exhibits the most stunning art on stones. There are many more temples and structures around the country that have the same level of architectural excellence. Nature too has been pretty generous on Cambodia, bestowing it with lush green forests, steep mountains, picturesque lakes and a wonderful and peaceful coastline. The welcoming and heartwarming smiles that embrace their faces, is a sight equaling the magnificence of thousand rising suns. Walk along the narrow streets of Cambodia, lined by small shops on either side, filled with a peculiar aroma of Cambodian cuisine and explore the unique culture of the country. Phnom Penh is the capital and the largest city in Cambodia. Travel through Phnom Penh and you will get an idea what Cambodia is all about. The city with its outlook might look a little outdated but it is very easy and fun to get to know the city. Other important cities of Cambodia are Battambang, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.

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