Mementos From Cambodia- Simple; Yet Meaningful

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Mementos From Cambodia- Simple; Yet Meaningful

1. Cambodia 5.0 

is a queer and to some extent, not much explored destination as compared to its fellow countries in the same continent. A vacationer is due to witness and experience a total different scenario that portrays Cambodia as a important center in the world travel map. Blessed with natural beauty and a rich history of a glorious past going hand in hand with marvellous architectural wonders makes Cambodia a tourist hotspot. The streets are crowded with warm and friendly locals who manifests simplicity and modesty. Your trip to this lovely country will be marked by some most common sights and activities like the Angkor Wat temple, Yak Loum lake, National Museum, the capital Phnom Penh, Apsara dance, Kick boxing competition and an elephant ride. After you are done with all these, stroll down the markets and collect some souvenirs for your living room to remind you that, you had once been to this magical country. The traditional markets called the Phsar Chas of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are stuffed with little boutiques, art and photo gallery that helps you pick your selection without any hassles. What should you bring back home from Cambodia:

2. Cambodian Silk

: Textile makers around the world swear by the unmatched quality of the Cambodian silk. Essentially hand woven, this silk is made with a traditional process of looming and fiber dying called ikat. A visitor can witness the whole process of producing silk either in Angkor Silk Farm or the National Silk Center from the growing and harvesting of silk worm food, the breeding process and life cycle of the silk worm, collection of the cocoons, separation and spinning the silk, the dying process and finally the creation of awesome silk on wooden, multi-harness hand looms. This beautiful product comes in form of various dresses, handbags, pillow covers, sarongs, scarves and even wallet.

3. Statues and carvings

: The statues of Cambodia ranges from the sculpted figures of Lord Buddha, Hindu deities to many ethnic Angkorian era works. These pieces of extreme craftsmanship and elevated imagination comes in form of stone, brass or wooden work. If you are interested in collecting the popular local antiques, then you can try a statue of Jayavarman VII, the famous King of Cambodia.

4. Temple Rubbings

: Found easily in any market of Cambodia, these are quite deceptive as they are not actual temple rubbings, rather an outcome of the impression of original temple carving on a moistened thick paper. But these art works are typically Cambodian and bears a distinctive mark which makes it a favourite among the other mementos.

6. Painting

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7. T-shirts

: Sounds very common and casual, but T-shirts carry the spirit and feel of a particular place and when you wear them, you also be a part of it. Pick the T-shirts in a stall with the printed images of the famous Angkor Temples, Khmer symbols and other architecture. Cambodia might not possess the magic of France or the elegance of Britain, but it definitely has an own individual charm that is unmatched. And the souvenirs you carry home will always remind you that also shared the same aura once upon a time...

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