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Best International honeymoon locations for a budget of 65k to 75k

The big fat Indian wedding incurs huge expenses and leaves the couple with bare savings. We have to accept the fact that not that each one of us has a big bank balance to spend lavishly on the wedding and later on the honeymoon as well. However, the honeymoon is not something that must be compromised. So, to travel to a beautiful destination and enjoy the first experience of companionship we present you a list some awe-inspiring honeymoon destinations under your budget:


An Indian Ocean island, Mauritius is celebrated for its beautiful beaches and natural splendor. It has many mesmerizing mountain ranges, lagoons, and reefs where you can enjoy as a newlywed.

A 7 day honeymoon trip to Mauritius will cost you ~75k per couple all incl.

Maldives 3_1475651651u20.jpg

Though many people confuse it to be an Indian land, this international island has immense beauty to give you some lifetime memories. The white sand beaches and untouched fauna.

A 7 day honeymoon trip to Maldives will cost you ~65k per person all incl.


The Indonesian islands offer you iconic scenic beauty, mesmerizing beaches and underwater activities. If you are party lover the place has some awesome and happening places to hang out to enjoy your honeymoon.

A 7 day honeymoon trip to Bali will cost you ~70k per person all incl.

Malaysia 2_1475652013u40.jpg

A true paradise on the Asian continent Malaysia is a popular destination for honeymoon under budget. The place has a mix of Japanese, Indian and Malaysian culture and a rich history that offers you many beautiful places to visit.

A 7 day honeymoon trip to Malaysia will cost you ~70k per couple all incl.


The most happening place for honeymooners Singapore has everything you would have dreamt in your honeymoon destination. It has beaches, nightlife, relishing food and everything else for the love dipped couple.

A 7 day honeymoon trip to Singapore will cost you ~70k per couple all incl.


A paradise for the couples who want a pocket-friendly place to celebrate the start of the wedding bond, Mexico is known for its beautiful beaches and many water adventures. You can find affordable hotels, events and many other activities in the town to enjoy your honeymoon vacation.

A 7 day honeymoon trip to Mexico will cost you ~75k per person flights excl.


These are some places where you can enjoy your honeymoon period in luxury and splendor.

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