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About Seychelles

The word 'gorgeous', used for describing the Seychelles islands, in all its senses is an understatement. Seychelles is not your usual hippy kind of tropical island, The beaches here are more sedate, more composed, and almost make you feel guilty if you only just whispered. The uninterrupted silence surely is the best medicine to a weary mind. Situated nearly 1,500 kilometers east of mainland Africa, Seychelles is an archipelago nation that comprises of 115 gorgeous islands. The total area covered by all islands together is only 451 km2 which makes it one of the smallest countries in the world. It also has the least population among all countries of Africa. The islands are divided in different groups. There are 42 granitic islands, 29 coral islands in Amirantes group, 13 coral islands in Farquhar Group and 67 raised coral islands in the Aldabra Group. Almost all islands in the country are slightly mountainous. There is no denying that beaches are by far the most attractive feature of Seychelles. The never ending stretches of white sand, strewn with gigantic granite bolders, and occassionally watered by the crystal clear waves and not a soul in sight, are good enought to mesmerize anyone. But don't deny yourself opportunities for a lot more to be seen and experienced in the lush hills and mountains in the inside of the islands. Some find Seychelles slightly expensive, but that is a feeling that just vanishes away once they start exploring. Besides, visiting a paradise while still alive, is simply priceless. Victoria is the capital city of Seychelles which is situated on the north-eastern side of the famous Mahe island. It might the largest city of the country but it is among the tiniest capitals in the world. Like all other parts of the country, Victorica too is a natural stunner. However, there is a lot of histroy, colonial past, and culture to be seen in this capital city. The main attractions of the city are Victoria Botanical Garden, Victoria Nationa
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17 Jan 2024
Best Cuisines In Seychelles

Seychelles, the paradise for the best creole cuisine and some finger licking tastes across the globe. You can enjoy the fuss free dining experience from the best fine dining options and even the food of the locals. The exotic dishes prepared from the best chefs and signature ingredients that you can definitely not forget. Let us take you through some of the best cuisine in Seychelles that you can’t miss out on. 

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17 Jan 2024
Searching For A Perfect Honeymoon Location Seychelles Has Got Everything

  When we talk about honeymoon nowadays, Seychelles is quite a popular destination among people. This place is famous for the natural beauty plus the serenity it offers. This place has beautiful beaches where you can spend quality time with your loved ones and relax. So given below are reasons that why you should look out for Seychelles honeymoon packages.  

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Best Places in Seychelles for a Perfect Holiday

Seychelles is a country in East Africa located in the Indian Ocean which consists of a group of 115 islands. Seychelles, known for exquisite beaches, coral reefs, natural reserves and unique wildlife like giant Aldabra tortoises is like a paradise on earth. Capital of the country is Victoria which includes Mahe Island that acts as the main transport hub and has an international airport. The main currency is Seychellois rupee. Although the climate is humid throughout the year, the best time to visit is from May to November. Given here is a list of famous places to visit in Seychelles.

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