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India to Bangladesh Visa application process

India to Bangladesh Visa application process

Bangladesh tourist Visa is a simple one as it’s an on arrival visa process. For people who don’t like to stand in a queue and want to get the visa beforehand then this is the small procedure which should be followed to get the Visa.


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1. Download the application form

Download the application form

You can download the application form online and fill all the necessary details. The sections which do not require your detail don’t leave it empty. Write not applicable on it.

Valid Passport Your passport should be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of your entry in the country. The passport should even have two blank pages for the stamp. The condition of the passport should be a good one. No creases should be there or it.


3. Passport size photographs

Three passport size recent photographs are required along. The photograph should not be more than six months old. The photograph should be clear enough that it shows from your hairstyle to chin. The eighty percent of the space of the photo should be covered with the face. Do not wear a hat or any kind of glasses when you get the picture clicked. The photo should be 45mm into 35 mm.

4. Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter

If you are visiting someone specific in Bangladesh then a letter from the person is a must.

Letter from your own company

If you are on job then letter from your own company approving you leave or if you have your own business then details about it. This serves as a proof that you will come back.


5. Flight Itinerary

Flight Itinerary

The travel details are essential. You need to attach the arrival as well as departure ticket along.

Hotel bookings

The booking slip of your accommodation is to be attached along.

Financial availability

It is very important to attach your financial details as to clear the Embassy that you can afford the trip.

After all these documents submitted to the Bangladesh Embassy, the file is further processed. The processing time for the file is 4 to 5 days. You can get a single entry for visa and the maximum time you can stay in Bangladesh is 60 days.

This is the entire process to get Visa. For checking the status of your file you can track it online. You just need to fill the reference number which was given when you submitted the file or by filling your date of birth you can check the status.For the stamp, the passport is to be submitted. For collecting passport, you can get it by hand or you can attach an envelope with a stamp and your address; then the passport will be delivered to your address by mail service.

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