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India to Japan Visa Application Process

India to Japan Visa Application Process

Visiting Japan can be for several reasons such as tourism, business, attending the conference, meeting friends etc. However, in any case, you need a VISA for sure. This visa is granted for a period of 90 days by the Japanese Embassy.


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1. Documents Required

Documents Required

There are several documents required for the filing process. They are-

  • The application form is required which should be duly filled. The details which are not applicable for you should not be left blank. Not applicable should be written on it.

  • Cover letter which stated the purpose of your visit and the day wise details.

  • Photocopy of front and last page of the passport is to be submitted.

  • Passport is required which should be valid for a minimum period of three months. There should be a minimum of two blank pages in the passport for the stamp purpose. You even need to submit the old passport if there.

  • Passport photograph which is to be attached with the form.  It should be 2 by 2 inches n size. The photograph should be such that from your head including the hairstyle and till chin should be visible. Eighty percent of the space of the photograph should be covered with the face of the applicant. The photograph should be the latest one not more than six months old. A white background is required for the photo and should be printed on a good quality paper.

  • Travel booking is required for the application process. The booking includes the ticket from India to Japan and vice versa.

  • Hotel booking that is the proof of your stay in Japan even needs to be attached along.

  • Bank statements are required which proof your affordability for the whole trip is to be submitted along.

  • Latest income tax returns should also be present in the file.

  • Bank statements for the last six months which show your financial record.

  • Letter of guarantee which states your affordability of the trip and you would abide by the norms


  • Travel insurance is also required.

  • Employee letter which states that your firm has granted you leave for the trip. Even the last six months salary slips are to be attached along with it.

  • For the applicant who owns a company should present the certificate of ownership and details of the company’s financial position.

  • Students or the ones who are under 18 should have a sponsor letter of parents that they are affording the trip and photocopy of their passports. Even Bank statements of last six months of parents along with ITR’s of the parents are required.

  • If a dependent is going along for the trip then a proof of relationship has to be submitted.


3. Processing Time

Processing Time

The processing time for the file is a full working day. However, the passport will be given back to you on the third working day.


Visa application status-

Your file can be trekked by filling the number which you are given when you have submitted the file.


Thus Visa for Japan is a quick process but you need to ensure you meet all the requirements to get through it at once


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