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India to Schengen Visa application procedure

India to Schengen Visa application procedure

Every year millions of tourist visit Europe. The number of tourists is increasing by each passing day and this counts a huge number of Indian Tourists. For the Indian tourist to explore the beauty of Europe, Schengen Visa is a must. It is a crucial Visa and has a relatively complex application process. So before applying for Schengen Visa, certain things are to be well taken care of

  • Firstly which country will be the main destination of your visit?

  • Where will you spend the maximum time of your visit and which is the first destination you will land?

  • This is pre-requisite information you need to have prior applying for the Schengen Visa. If you have this information, then only you can send your application to the concerned embassy.



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    Here is a list for you - India to Schengen Visa application procedure

    1. Documents required for the application process

    Documents required for the application process

    Application form-

    The application form should be duly filled using black ink and the columns which require your signature should be signed. Do keep the copy of the form as it will be easy for you to recall before the interview for Visa takes place.


    Your passport should have two blank pages for the stamp and it should be valid for three months from the visa application date. In the case of Visa for minor then application form should be signed by the parents and copy of the passport of parents should be attached. Even the old passport needs to be submitted along if it is there.


    Two photographs are required along the form. The photographs should be on the basis of dimensions given by the Visa embassy.

    Covering Letter-

    A letter is required along stating the purpose of your visit and the whole travel itinerary. Even all the documents which you have submitted along should be addressed in the letter.

    Medical Insurance-

    A medical insurance of 30000 Euro should be attached along and valid for the places you are going to visit.

    Flight details-

    You can take a flight itinerary and submit along. When the Visa is confirmed, the ticket can be bought. Some authorities require the original ticket when collecting the Visa, so do take the ticket to get your passport when you have got the Visa.

    Bank record-

    You need to show original bank statements proving your affordability for the trip. Online Bank statements are not accepted. So, original statement of last three months duly signed by the bank authorities should be given. If parents are sponsoring the trip then their bank statement along with a letter giving confirmation about their sponsorship needs to be attached.

    Hotel reservation-

    The booking confirmation of hotel is to be attached along. For every place you are going to visit the details of your accommodation has to be attached along.

    For the employed-

    Last four months salary slip is to be given along with the employment contract. Record of last six months of the current account is also to be shown. Even the Income Tax Return is to be attached along.

    For self-employed-

    Income Tax Return along with the company bank statement should be attached. Even the copy of business licenses is to be submitted.



    2. Preparing for the Interview

    Preparing for the Interview

    After submitting your file, the next step is the interview. The interview totally depends on the interviewer. So be prepared beforehand. Take all the necessary documents such as passport, pan card, marriage certificate if married, employment related documents, travel itinerary along. Questions regarding the documents submitted will be asked, so be clear about them.

    General questions about your family, your personal background such as qualification, job, income proof, your work experience will be asked. So be geared up beforehand.

    Once the interview is over, your visa will be sent to you along with your passport.

    So this is the total process to get the Schengen Visa.


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