How To Make Your Norway Honeymoon Memorable

How To Make Your Norway Honeymoon Memorable

  A honeymoon is the best time of your life when you spend quality time with your partner. It is a period when you spend couple time without any interference.  So going for a honeymoon is once in a life, so choosing Norway Honeymoon is the best option. Given below are the things to do for making your Norway honeymoon memorable.

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Here is a list for you - How To Make Your Norway Honeymoon Memorable

1. Stay In One Of The Most Scenic Hotels Ever


Norway has certain amazing places which offer the best kind of environment to stay. From the wonderful architecture to the sumptuous suites with mountains and lakes in the backdrop, it is definitely a worth going place for your Norway Honeymoon. From the  Frethiem Hotel or the Hotel Brosundet, all of them provide the best and a comfortable stay to the visitors.

2. Drive From Oslo To Lillehammer


Oslo is the capital city and a drive from this place to Lillehammer will be a perfect one. Lillehammer once hosted Winter Olympics even. This thing is the best activity to give a perfect start to your honeymoon. The E6 route through Hamar with Mjosa Lake to the east provides the most convenient route to reach the Olympic town. A number of Olympic Hall and a few scenic ruins Hedmarksmuseet & Domkirkeodden will come on your route which is a delight to watch. Even the stretch offers breathtaking views.

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3. Kiss Under The Beautiful And Sprawling Northern Lights In Lofoten Island


For a complete arctic experience, you should definitely visit Norway. It is the best place in the world to catch the dazzling view of the remarkable aurora borealis. Move to the polar park, go for a midnight expedition, take the 24-hour Aurora Expedition in the Beautiful Lyngen Alps, or see the frozen world at Svalbard Ice Caves. Norway actually has everything which you are looking for. The best time to visit this place is from October to March.

4. Go And Explore The Norwegian Museum


Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is the best place to explore Norway’s culture and rich heritage. The museum comprises of the world’s oldest Open-Air Museum and a 12th-century stave church. There are a number of cultural tours and tour of the old town which are conducted along with the church. For a different cultural experience, you must visit the place and you will actually love it. There are specific timings for visiting the church.

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5. Go For Trekking To Trolltunga


For the adventure seeking couple, Trolltunga is a great option. It is a piece of huge rock jutting 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet in Norway which looks gorgeous. Going for trekking at this place is not at all easy. It would actually take around 6 hours while going to the venue. This is actually the top scenic hikes in Europe and a couple must choose for it if they are adventure lovers.


Thus to conclude these are some of the things which you should do to make your Norway honeymoon a memorable one.

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