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Foods of Manali – 10 dishes of Manali Cuisine that you must try when you visit Manali

26 Nov 2022 04:35 PM

Manali is a quite famous hill station located in Himachal Pradesh and while traveling to this hill station you should not miss best food of Manali because your travel is incomplete without these food. Here, tourists come from across the world to spend their precious time and every tourist enjoy here since the destination provides much more to its travelers. If we talk about food in Manali so it tastes so much better after all the sightseeing and shopping experience. Well, there is no particular famous food in Manali because North Indian cuisines remains the most popular food to eat here among travelers. If you would like to eat street food then you can have samosas, bread pakoras, nodles, parathas, momos, and pav bhaji, etc. Besides, the multi-cuisines restaurants are available in the Mall road of Manali and several cafes. In Manali, you can enjoy different types of cuisines like North Indian cuisines, South Indian cuisines, Chinese cuisines, etc. However, you can enjoy variety of food in Manali that will make your travel outstanding. So, let’s have a look on some delicious food of Manali.

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1. Samosas

Samosa is one of the most famous snack across India and you can find samosa in Manali too. While having hot samosa in cold weather then you’ll feel pleasure and this dish is hugely loved by everyone. Samosa make their appearances everywhere it’s not only famous as street food but also in party, restaurants and even in cafes. The dish is stuffed with boiled masala potatoes and deep fried which is also a tea time snack as well. This samosa is not only popular in India but also across Asian countries and the Middle East.

2. Bombay Bhelpuri

Bhelpuri is a spicy and tangy street food of Mumbai and it is easily available in Manali also. It is easy chatpata snack made with puffed rice and onion, potato, tamarind sauce, chick peas, and spices are added to it for better taste. You can find this street food anywhere in Manali even in cafes and restaurants too. If you have Bhelpuri while strolling on the roads of Manali then you’ll feel better. For those who having this dish for the first time, they will feel incomparably delightful taste.

3. Khatta

It is a very famous food of Himachal Pradesh and it is prepared by the pumpkin, dry mango powder, and crispy little balls called boondi. It is only the state where you can find the true version of this dish since Manali is a part of Himachal Pradesh. It’s a well-known street food of Himachal Pradesh and it is easily available in the roadside stalls. Otherwise, you can enjoy this food in any restaurant and café of Manali.

4. Sidu

It is another lip-smacking dish in Manali is Sidu. It is prepared by the dough of the bread and that dough is first kept aside to rise and once the yeast has settled down on it then it’s ready for par-cooked. The par-cooked bread is steamed and it is the final touch of this dish then you can enjoy it with chutney and with any sauce. So, when in Manali you should enjoy this scrumptious dish.

5. Babru

Next, Babru is also one of the great dish of Manali which is easily available in roadside stall. Babru is belonging to the family of Kachori. Yes, it’s pretty much look like a Kachori and it is prepared with the soaked black garam dal paste and then kneading it to create this dish. Make patty shape and these patties are rolled and deep fried. It can be served with any chutney. It’s a Himachali version of popular kachoris.

6. Trout

Trout is one of the best food in Manali as it is prepared by the fish and the preparation of fish is done by the marinating the raw material. Next, finally slow cook them. It’s very much beneficial for our health and this dish has low calories. If you really want to enjoy this dish then you can visit Johnson’s café, and The Lazy Dog. Both the cafes serves best Trout dish.

7. Chana Madra

Another most delicious dish of Himachal Pradesh is Chana Madra. This Madra is a form of curd and chickpea flour based gravy which is very famed in pahar region. The dish made with kabuli chane and cooked with gravy seasoned with assorted spices, ginger, garlic and onions. In Delhi NCR this Chana Madra known as Chole.

8. Mash Dal

The Mash Dal is also called Kaali Dal which is made with black lentils or ma ki dal. The dal is soaked overnight and then pressure cooked it. Later, add some tadka in dal along with ginger, garlic, tomato and onion. It’s also very famous in Delhi NCR. This dal can be serve with rice, fried rice and chapatti.

9. Patande

If you are looking for a great breakfast then you must enjoy this Patande dish in Manali. It’s also known as pancakes which is made with ladle smooth batter from wheat flour, milk and sugar are poured in ghee laden hot griddle. After that, you can see that thin pancakes looks like dosa but it’s sweeter in taste. So, you should enjoy this lovely dish of Manali.

10. Momos

As we all knows momos is very much famous across India and its an Indo-chinese dish. It is easily available in Manali and also considered as Manali’s best food. Momos made with the thin refined flour sheet filled with a variety of chopped veggies inside. You can enjoy this dish in roadside stalls as well as in Cafes and restaurants.


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