Glorious Banff National Park in Canada

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Glorious Banff National Park in Canada

1. Glorious Banff National Park in Canada

Glorious Banff National Park in Canada

At the very first sight it is evident enough why the world is in love with Banff national park. From the ever-watchful Cascade Mountain to the picturesque Bow River, the whole arena of Banff national park is blessed with a spectacular natural setting, woven with enchanting lush green parks, deep dark woods flowery trails and snow sheeted pathways. Winter turns the whole area into a dreamland and the cross-country skiers, snowshoers and ice climbers explore numerous local trails. Banff national park happens to be hot favorite for hikers and trekkers with aspirations for wildlife excursions. The mountains of Banff national park are said to be 40 to 120 million years old and include magnificent peaks such as Mt Amery in the north of the park. Farther north to the Banff national park is the Columbia icefield, the largest ice field on the North American mainland. The glaciers of this place feed rivers that flow to three oceans. Some glaciers push down to lakes such as lake louise. The runoff fills the lake with suspended sediments that bend the sunlight and makes the water appear a bright blue green. Strange but the look in itself is awe-inspiring. The Banff national park provides a true summer retreat for the visitors who throng this place all year long. The surrounding area of the park is a popular weekend hideout for travelers. There are excellent restaurants, day spas and the Banff upper hot springs which offer the extra edge of thrill. Banff National Park is the oldest national park, in the Canadian Rockies. The park finds itself perched at 120 kilometers west of Calgary in the province of Alberta and encompasses 6,641 square kilometers of mountainous terrain, with numerous glacial ice fields, dense tapering coniferous forest, and alpine landscapes which are mind blowing. One of the major attractions of Banff national park is the Jasper national park which is adorned with bewitching wildlife that includes bears, coyote, wolves, cougars, elks, deer, sheep, moose, mountain goats, beavers, squirrels, chipmunks, and a variety of birds. Well, spotting wildlife takes a little luck and patience. The Jasper Lake area of highway 16 encounters frequent wildlife sightings. Elk and deer are often spotted along the pyramid Lake Road, which joins the Jasper village to Pyramid Lake and passes via the Patricia Lake. Banff is one of the most splendid mountain resorts in the world. Banff natioanl park is the tallest place in Canada. With plenty of nature and slopes, Banff has a lot more to offer than summer sports. In fact, it has one of the best golf courses in North America as well. Previously known as the hot springs reserve the Banff national park stretches along the eastern edge of the rocky mountains in Alberta. Banff is a place of of lakes, mountains and glaciers.

Truly, Banff national park is a much convenient and loved mountain paradise.       

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