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Top 8 Museums to Visit in Greece

Top 8 Museums to Visit in Greece

Greece is an ancient country that has a rich culture and tradition. Historically, it was a seat of power for many dynasties and some very popular civilizations thrived here. Therefore, it is quite natural that there is a lot to be shared by the country with the rest of the world. Much of the country’s ancient glory is depicted through its museums where things have been preserved quite beautifully. 


Taking a walk through them can be quite pleasurable as visitors can understand the rich history and legacy of the country. Some of the Must Visit Museums in Greece is listed here.  

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Here is a list for you - Top 8 Museums to Visit in Greece

1. Acropolis Museum

Situated in Athens on the foot of the iconic Acropolis, this museum houses some of the best Greek statues from the era along with many other attractions. It is a modern building with all types of facilities and sufficient light to see all the antiquities that are kept here. Some original remnants of the Acropolis have been accommodated here to keep them safe. A visit here to the original Caryatids from the porch of the Erechthion can be a marvelous experience.  



2. Greek National Football Museum

Football lovers will certainly like to visit this superb museum in the Old City of Chania that offers a complete glimpse of Greek football and the way in which the sport metamorphosed through the years. There are attractive mementos and replicas from the European Championships of 2004 when Greece won the tournament apart from around more than 1,000 exhibits that are displayed here flamboyantly. It also features different types of balls from the Euro games and World Cup together with official shirts and many other photos.



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3. The House of Shadow

This incredible museum in Xanthi celebrates shadows and highlights the importance of light in our lives and this is one of the Must Visit Museums in Greece. The museum was made to commemorate those artists who were associated with making shadow artworks. The most attractive area of the building is its Convention Hall that contains many types of different sculptures that have been made from waste! When they are lighted properly, they produce some amazing shadow forms that can make a breathtaking view.

4. Deposito De Guerra War Material Museum

The Island of Lakki Leros was occupied by the Italians and later on by the Germans during World War II. This museum stands testament to that period along with many wartime stories and other gory details. It is a privately owned museum with no-entry-fee but the owners encourage any contribution from visitors so that they can keep it running. By visiting here, one can also expect to get some inside details about the Battle of Leros.  

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5. Hellenic Pharmaceutical Museum

The Pharmaceutical Museum is situated in Kalamaria and anyone having some interest in pharmacy can get deep insights into the subject by visiting here. Many types of potions and their invaluable manufacturing template have been preserved here with utmost care. The evolution of pharmacy can be understood in great detail from the staff that are always ready here to help the visitors.

6. Cyclades Olive Museum

Do not get confused with the name ‘museum’ as it is basically a pure exhibition of old artifacts and items from the Cycladic olive mill. This interesting museum is located in Pitrofos on Andros Island and its owner can provide some superb information regarding the old olive mill and the processes that were followed at the period during olive oil production. Additionally, traditional methods of building construction through the ages in the Cyclades can also be seen here to get complete information about the island.

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7. Folk Art Museum Tossizza Mansion

This wonderful museum in Metsovo is housed in a classic 19th-century building and is often decorated just as it would have been during the period. It has a number of attractions including local handicraft, hand-woven rugs, jewellery collection, stunning silverware and bronze items, traditional costumes, wood carvings along with many types of rifles and swords. It also has an exceptional compilation of Byzantine icons that looks stunning. 

8. Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology

This splendid museum in the heart of Athens exhibits some of the most prolific Greek discoveries of the period including the Hydraulic Clock of Ktesibios, automatic theatre of Heron, Antikythera Mechanism along with 42 fully working musical instruments. Interesting exhibitions on Ancient Greek Games and Archimedes are a crowd puller of this museum. 


These are some of the best museums in Greece and visiting them can be quite an overwhelming experience to know the rich culture and diversity of the nation.

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