Know These Legendary Libraries in Greece

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Know These Legendary Libraries in Greece

1. The Library of Pantainos 5.0 

The library was built by Titus Flavius Pantainos, specifically for the people of Athens. There are 3 galleries designed, that form a completely different structure of the building. The library was constructed somewhere in 100 AD and is claimed to be one of the oldest running Libraries of Greece, with an unbelievable collection of numerous books.


2. The Library of Aristotle 5.0 

It is among the older libraries built, during 384 – 321 BC. It was the personal library, which later became a part of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. There is no specific list or the number of books available in the library, but it is a known fact that the books are really useful and assisting for the readers interested in the particular spheres of life.



3. The Library of Rhodes 5.0 

The library is situated on the island of Rhodes, which was established in 100 AD. Since the beginning of which, you could easily find the variety of books through the listing available without any kind of issues of getting lost in the shelves of books.

4. Kos Library 5.0 

It was one of the libraries, meant for the local citizens. The building has been designed in a way, that the visitors get complete knowledge about the establishment of the library. It consists of the fiction, philosophy, academics and general collection of the big books. You would really enjoy the lost facts of the past when you get the chance of visiting the silence zone.

5. National Library of Greece 5.0 

The library is situated in the downtown of Athens. The building of the library is the unit of Neoclassical Trilogy. The place is quite popular for the content related to the history and the past events, which occurred in the background and may not be known to the generations approaching. The best part of the National library is that there is a dedicated room for the reading purpose of the visitors where you can spend hours raising your knowledge hunger. 

6. Gennadius Library 5.0 

The library is the part of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. The most popular facility consists of over 120,000 books, along with the historical documents and the manuscripts of history. In addition, to which, the library organizes a couple of exhibitions and the events related to different segments of society. 

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7. Euginides Foundation Library 5.0 

The library was established in 1966, with the main idea of assisting the students of Technology and Science. With the passing of time, it developed a specific corner for the young readers too. Being a visitor, you can spend time and go through the books you are interested in or you can also take the book in your name with the rules in place.

8. Central Library of the Municipality Of Athens 5.0 

This is among the legendary libraries of Greece, where you can easily find the witnesses of the past times. You can get the collection of above 55,000 books related to different subjects and topics, depending upon your choice. Books on fiction, technology, literature, art, historical background and many others are available for the readers to explore. In addition to which, you can also read some wanted piece of the newspaper for some specific information published in the past.


You may visit different places across the globe, for exploring the world from your own point of view. However, proven facts and available knowledge cannot be beaten by anything else. You can simply plan your visit to Greece, for enjoying your trip. In the middle of which, you can spare a few hours or an evening that would increase the level of knowledge and understanding. Also making you feel satisfied, for visiting the legendary buildings constructed ages before for the benefit of the human minds.

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