Best Road Trips To Take In Greece 

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Best Road Trips To Take In Greece


Greece not only has many inspirational sites but also is famous for its cuisines, restaurants, cafes, bar and most importantly its scenic beauties. Greece also has a rich history and attracts many tourists for this from all over the world. There are a huge number of places in Greece that is worth a visit at least once in a lifetime. There are some of the most amazing road trips in and around Greece that backpackers can enjoy when in Greece for a holiday or vacation.

Athens To Sounio


The road trip from Athens to Sounio takes about one hour. One has to cover approximately 69 km towards the southeast from Athens to reach Sounio. It is a city with a huge archaeological significance which is situated at the peak of the Attica region of Greece. The Temple of Poseidon can be viewed by the tourists, which was formed in 444 BC. 


This temple was a sanctification to the Poseidon, the Lord of the Sea, who is believed to take a stand in the administration of the Greek Gods. The King of Athens is said to have leaped to his departure and went beyond the Aegeus after the sad news came in that his son, Theseus has expired. After this consequence, the Aegean Sea was named after him and is still identified after him.

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Athens To Mycenae


The trip from Athens to Mycenae is one of the most popular trips in Greece. People from all over the world head towards to enjoy the road journey present around Greece. Mycenae is approximately one and a half hour away from Athens. It is referred to be a major Greek civilization centre and this is one of the road trips in and around Greece which everyone must have in their bucketlist.


It was a house of the great a mythological hero, Agamemnon and his province in the war of Trojan. When a traveller reaches to Mycenae they can head towards Epidavros which is located at a distance of about 45 km from the place and is renowned across the world.


This is the place that hosts an ancient theatre that belonged to Epidavros in the fourth century. This theatre was sanctioned to Asclepius who was considered as the God of medicine. Epidavros is a sound shield theatre in Greece that was made through the brilliant architectural planning of the Greeks.

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Athens To Nafplio


One can reach Nafplio after taking a one and half hour ride from Athens. This trip can be called the most adventurous and romantic trip in Greece that has an equal destination at a city of great antiquity. This was once the capital city of the country in the year 1823 till 1834. Syntagma Square is present at the heart of the city and people can have a look at several historical buildings present in the city like the archaeological museum and the first parliament of Greece from there. This road trip can be covered by traveling a distance of 138 kilometres from Athens which takes around two hours or even a few minutes less than that.

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Athens To Meteora


One can explore central Greece with the help of this trip that starts from the capital city of the country and reaches up to Meteora. It is nearly 388 km apart from Athens.  This trip is perfect for people who love road trips and one can also enjoy the amazing surrounding throughout this trip. One can stop at Lamia for a good lunch. The foods available on the way are delicious. It takes around 4 hours 50 minutes to complete this road trip.

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Thessaloniki To Skiathos


This trip can be easily accomplished by a plane but experts recommend hitting the road in a car to complete this trip. It’s a 4 hours 50 minutes ride from Thessaloniki to Skiathos and one has to travel 287 km from Thessaloniki to reach his or her destination. This is a very famous road trip and many people prefer traveling by cars rather than planes.

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Thessaloniki To Alexandroupoli


This road trip connects the West and the East. Alexandroupoli is the capital of Evros which is present at the seaside. Thus this place is a perfect economic hub that bridges Turkey and Greece. The city is confined to the Evros Delta and the Dada Forest. The road trip is approximately 300 kilometres long and it takes about 3 hours to complete this distance and reach Alexandroupoli from Thessaloniki. One can indulge in some authentic local cuisines on this trip.

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