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India to Greece Visa Application Process

India to Greece Visa Application Process

Green is a member of The European Union, so it is also the member state of Schengen Visa. To get a visa for Greece following documents are to be submitted

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1. Download the visa application form

Download the visa application form

You need to download the visa application form and fill it completely.  You can also file The Greece Schengen Visa electronically and then print a hard copy. Fill every column, the column which does not require your details write not applicable there. Don’t leave it blank.

Attach two photographs-

It is mandatory to attach two passport size photographs along with the form. The background in the photo should be light. The photograph should be such that seventy to eighty percent space is covered with the face of the person. From hairstyle to chin it should be clearly visible.

Valid Passport-

The passport of the applicant should be a valid one. The passport should be valid for at least three months after your date of return.  The passport should be in a good condition. No creases should be there and two empty pages should be there for the stamp. Also, attach a copy of your previous visas (if visited any country before).

2. Travel Medical Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance

This is one of the most important documents which are required along. A travel medical insurance worth a minimum of 30000 Euros should be attached along. This insurance should be valid for Greece and the entire Schengen area.

Cover letter- a letter explaining the purpose of your visit should be attached along. The letter should contain details about all your documents attached and about your whole trip.

Proof of your civil status-

Marriage certificate, birth certificate, ration card or any other certificate if required should be attached along.

Flight details-

The detail of your arrival and departure from Greece should be attached along. This serves as a proof that you have no intentions to settle in that place.

3. General Information

General Information

Financial affordability-

Sufficient funds should be attached to show your affordability for the trip. It is very important to clear your financial status as otherwise, rejection could take place


If there is a sponsor then a sponsorship letter along with the details of the sponsor such as the residence proof of the sponsor plus the photocopy of his passport is to be attached along.


For people who are doing a job and planning to visit Greece, you need to attach you employment details such as pay slips, leave letter from the firm and ITR’s deducted as a source of salary.


For businessmen, you need to attach the license of your firm, the bank statements and the ITR of the firm. This is important to know your worth and the government of Greece will have a proof that you will come back as you have settled business in your own country.

For students-

Students need to attach a leaving certificate authorized by the school authority that is you are permitted to miss classes for the mentioned period and the enrolment certificate from the school.

For a retired person-

Pension statement of last six months is a must.

Thus these are the requirements to get Visa for Greece.

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