Top 5 Greece Islands You Should Not Miss Visiting

Top 5 Greece Islands You Should Not Miss Visiting

Greece is a country that has much more to offer to tourists other than its flawless white sand beaches. The nation has many islands that can be simply magnificent to visit because of its natural setting and lovely scenes. Due to this, it is a preferred European getaway for many avowed travellers throughout the world. The best part is that every Greek island has its own personality and peculiar character so that each of them has its own unique positive vibe that is distinctly different from the other.  However, most of them are ideal for spending a holiday as they offer some cheap hotels, friendly natives as well as some superb hanging out spots. We take a look here at five of the best Greek Islands that can be worth visiting by a tourist. 

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Here is a list for you - Top 5 Greece Islands You Should Not Miss Visiting

1. Delos

It is a spectacular island of Greece that is regarded as the birthplace of Apollo as per the Greek mythology. There are a large number of statues, temples, mosaics, and theatres over here from different periods of history that can be worth visiting. 

Hence, the complete island has been accorded a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the place is sparsely populated by locals. In fact, it is not possible to make a stay on the island and for visiting it one has to travel by boat from the neighbouring island of Mykonos and it is also known as the best Greek Islands to be visited. 

Some of the best landmarks of the island include The Minoan Fountain from the 6th century BC, The Temple of the Delians, The Terrace of the Lions, the Stoivadeion, The Temple of Hira, and The House of the Dolphins among many others. The stone huts found on the island suggest that the place has been inhabited since the third century BC. 

2. Mykonos

The island is very close to Delos and still replicates the glamour of its ancient past when it was a favorite spot among the elites of the country. The slender cobble-stoned streets in the center of the island are the most happening places at night for all party animals as the clubs and bars situated here attract them like bees to a flower! During the daytime, they can be buzzing with energy from shoppers who head here for making all types of purchase. Little Venice and the windmill over here are a must-visit for any tourist as they ooze an eye-catching charm of the place. 

To get a taste of the local side of the island, visiting its farms, and the secret beaches can be highly enjoyable. A guided tour of its small villages can help in exploring the culture of the place. A visit during the high-season can also be a memorable experience for any tourist as one can see the Meltemi winds and the behavior of the rough sea at the time.  

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3. Santorini

Probably the most popular among all Greek islands, Santorini is a chosen destination for most backpackers throughout the world due to its pristine beaches and breathtaking sunset views. This active volcano island also offers some stunning Greek wineries so that a visit to them can be fantastic. Honeymooners and couples can simply enjoy here along the lava rock shores and the deep blue waters that it has to offer and take a scintillating view of its pale white and blue houses that dominate the skyline. A visit to its main town Fira, the black sand beach in Perissa and the ancient Minoan ruins in Akrotiri can be a splendid experience. 


4. Aegina

From the port of Pireaus, this Saronic Island of Greece can be visited by taking a hydrofoil ride that may take about half an hour. The island is often visited by tourists who come to Athens but not have enough time for visiting the other islands. There may not be much to offer by the beaches over here that are quite normal looking but the center of the island has many cafes that can be a perfect destination to get rid of the blistering summer heat. Visiting the Cathedral of Saint Nectarios over here can be quite enjoyable as the edifice is an architectural marvel of its time.


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5. Naxos

Island hoppers and beach lovers will surely like this Cycladic Island in the Aegean Sea. The island is not dependent on tourism like many other Greek islands and hence it has retained its old-world charm till date quite considerably. Tourists can visit the Apollo Gate, marble village of Apiranthos, and the ancient Greek temples over here. The beaches here are by far the best that can be expected in the country. 

These are the five most-desired islands of Greece and a visit to them can be an astounding experience.

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