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Best cuisines of Greece

Best cuisines of Greece

While you are planning to visit Greece, you would be on the advantage of enjoying your trip with different activities and sports adventures. In addition to which, you can have an unlimited variety of food and drinks to enjoy the distinctive holiday of your life. 


Since good food is the way to make yourself happier and healthy. You must try and taste the specially prepared dishes in Greece that you may be able to buy outside too. But the particular traditional taste would not be the same. So, plan your journey along with the specific treats available across various places and get a hang of these best cuisines of Greece.

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Here is a list for you - Best cuisines of Greece

1. Greek Salad

When you think about food, the first sight appears in your imagination is the salad. Here you can enjoy a completely unique and tempting taste of the green salad, unlike other places. Salad if fresh is more healthy and tasty than any other cooked dish. 


The smell of original cucumber, red onion, tomato, green pepper and cheese topping would not only fill your mood with the cheer. But also increase your appetite, for enjoying more cuisines of the menu ahead.

2. Gyros

While you are roaming to places and going engaged in different sports the whole day, then you hardly get time to sit at the restaurant and have proper meals. In such situations, you may buy an easily available snack that would fill your tummy and won’t burden your wallet.


Gyro is a kind of roll, which consists of a sandwich and the French fries packed with the fresh vegetables adding to the flavor of the bite. The yummy sauce added to the top would make you fall in love with a quick and healthy snack.

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3. Soutzoukakia Me Hilopitakia

When you are going to have meals, you can order soutzoukakia me hilopitakia with other cuisines. For sure, you are going to like the taste of meatballs mixed in the pasta with added tomato sauce leaving you speechless. Since nothing else could offer you the blend of spices and saucy flavour, in your food. 

4. Keftedes

The dish is available in different forms, depending upon the way you want to eat it. Basically, dry and fried balls of meat are served with the tomato sauce topping. You can also choose to order the dish prepared with gravy, along with the rice as a complete food menu. 

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5. Souvlaki

The dish is prepared from the marinated lamb, which is cooked through grilling and adding different flavours. It makes the stuff so soft and yummy, that you cannot leave the table without tasting it. You can order rice or some fresh salad, as per your mood and choice. Sometimes your company also matters, to enjoy the particular food in the best possible manner.

6. Lamb Kleftiko

Another dish of lamb which takes long hours to be cooked for serving is the Lamb Kleftiko. This is one of the best cuisines of Greece. The best part of the meal is that you can eat it on the move since it is packed in an awesome way and would offer you the warmth of the tummy full of your liked cuisine.

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7. Loukoumades

After enjoying your food, you must wonder to pick something sugary to digest your meals in the quickest possible manner. You can have small doughnuts that would make you enjoy the crispy taste with eyes closed to the worldly things. It is available in few flavors, wrapped with the cinnamon or nuts to make it even more attractive.

8. Tzatziki Sauce

If you are going to eat in any of the restaurants or stalls of Greece, then you would surely get to eat the unique sauce that tastes excellent with every food. It is prepared with lemon, fresh yoghurt and garlic combined with the olive oil. You can enjoy the flavored sauce with anything you enjoy in your meals. 

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9. Koulouria

One of its kind snacks which you would look for as soon as you start exploring Greece is Koulouria. It is a kind of bread, topped with sesame seeds for adding taste can be easily picked from the stalls or stores in sight. You can eat it while moving to places and enjoying the creation of nature, with the preparation of humans.

10. Coffee

After enjoying a few cuisines in Greece, you cannot resist the temptation of having a cup of Greek coffee and it would prove to be a digestive enzyme for the whole meal course. In addition, to which, the drink is quite thick and wholesome that you would love to sip for some time. This would also make you feel energetic, for the remaining day of adventure in Greece.

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