Do Not Miss These Scuba Diving Spots in Greece

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Do Not Miss These Scuba Diving Spots in Greece

1. Kea, Wreck of the HMHS Britannic 5.0 

If you love adventures in your life and do not mind going a little far, then the place is meant for your voyage. Since the place is designed in such a way, that the trained divers can enjoy their surroundings in a magnificent manner. The deep water and the risk factor involved make it difficult for the newcomers to enter into the world of adventures deliberately. It is always advisable for the new divers to not to go for the deep down water.

2. Nea Kameni, Santorini 5.0 

This site for scuba diving in Greece was formed because of the volcanic eruption. You can simply enter into the clean water vicinity and enjoy the tempting site, with a lot of attractive sights while performing diving under water. You would be able to witness various caves under the water and the best part is that the newbies can also enjoy, without much of the risks involved in water sports here.

3. Zakynthos, Wreck of The HMS Perseus 5.0 

Here you can enjoy an excellent nightlife, attractive beach views and scuba diving altogether. Wreck of Perseus is one of the most liked waterlines for the scuba divers, who are in habit of exploring more and more during their trip to Greece. The main water body lies somewhere 52 meters under the land surface, that brings a lot of excitement to the professional scuba divers.

4. Marathonisi, Zakynthos 5.0 

This is counted among the most appealing sites for scuba diving in Greece as you can easily look at various unexpected species of fishes and turtles under the water while enjoying your favorite sports. No other picture or video can offer you the live experience of octopus and beautified colors of nature, like relieving your sight here.

5. Mykonos, Anna II Wreck 5.0 

Here you can find different variety of reef and ample space for the water sports to be enjoyed. A cargo ship, which was of 203 feet approximately, offers you a great place to explore the surroundings in the desired manner. You would find a lot of people, with the same liking as you for scuba diving.

6. Elephant’s Cave, Crete 5.0 

If you are good at scuba diving, then this is the place which would welcome you with the lots of cave shaped tunnels and animals remains. That’s right; you can have a look at different turns and curves under the water. Since it would be a little difficult for the newcomers to enjoy with the speed breakers on the way, you can take the known players of scuba diving with you for a more enjoyable journey. You could have a look at the elephant trunk and teeth while diving deep. 

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7. Chios 5.0 

This is the place that welcomes the newcomers and experienced scuba divers equally. You can find innumerable fascinating sights of grand wrecks, naturally formed caves, marine species and attractive reefs under the water. You would feel the excellence of life, like never before if you have not been to such place in the past. Surprisingly, the place is located only at a distance of 7 km from Turkey. 

8. Mirmigi Reef, Lesvos 5.0 

The water here is truly transparent and clear, that offers a deep sense of safety to the newcomers in the scuba diving. The underwater level starts from approximately 5 meters down the land level till the 36 meters under the water. The reef site is among the popular tourist attractions, where visitors love to visit for extending the sight to different natural surroundings at one place.

9. Paleokastritsa, Corfu 5.0 

Light blue transparent water and the beaches make the site even more tempting, for the scuba divers that it is not possible to return without getting the hours of fun and enjoyment under the water. You can easily find the reefs and beautiful sceneries under the water, to the level of approximately 40 meters from the land level. 

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