Ladakh Travelogues and Travel Story

Ladakh Travelogues and Travel Story

Ladakh trip was one of a dream, I was planning to come here for more than a year. Due to my too much busy schedule, I couldn't get enough time to explore. Finally this year I and my three other friends decided to come true our dream to explore Leh Ladakh. We all discussed how we will execute it and applied for 8 days leaves and managed our budget. Hellotravel helps to connect with reputed Travel agent, in a nice budget they offered a fantastic tour package for us. We all very much existed for our first adventurous trip. Thanks to God I have got wonderful experience from my trip. Now I just wanted to share my lovely experience with you guys. So that you will be aware of how to plan and decently execute your trip. Seriously, it was my most memorable and cherish trip till date.   Ladakh is specifically known as adventure place. It is a larger region of Kashmir. Leh is the capital of Ladakh, which is the largest town of Ladakh. And touches the border of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir. No other place can beat the rough trails and beautiful landscapes of Ladakh. It is blessed by high altitude ranges and substantial lakes. I have done Trekking at chadar lake area. Camel safari and jeep safari. That was a very nice experience. Weather was very pleasant in May. It is the best time to explore here. At this time temperature was so pleasant, maximum temperature found 15 Degree Celcius. Although Ladakh is known as "Cold Dessert".You get fabulous weather in this month, even April to May it's nice to come here.    We booked our flight tickets a month ago from Delhi to Kushok Kahula Rimpochee, Leh. Because there is no other direct flight to Ladakh. me and my friends reached at Delhi airport before 4 hours as per schedule. Our travel was so enjoying full, we were too much excited for our first adventurous trip. I love to capture nature in my camera so I have specially carried my DSLR camera, important things like power bank for avoiding battery back up, BSNL postpaid sim card in my mobile, Woollen clothes like jackets, extra shocks, shoes, few edible things like pickle, snacks and dry fruits, extra pair of clothes, few medicines like headache tablets and painkillers. And do not forget to carry your I'd proofs and driving license. I have already kept in my wallet so there was not an issue.  As Ladakhi Cuisine is very much different in their taste that is why I have carried a few edible things. Based on Tibetan recipes they cooked anything. I love to eat momos, in Ladakh momos are very delicious. We were talking on all things then heard the announcement that we have reached at the airport. After reaching there we found weather was so pleasant, when we reached at Leh, the atmosphere got completely different, I felt like now I'm breathing filtered and fresh air, eyes were feeling very relaxed and cool after seeing nature of Ladakh views. That was amazing feeling maybe I cannot explain in words, but I can imagine that I am in paradise. During travel, we were chattering how will complete our desire spots in eight days in. when we reached the airport at 5 am we took a cab from the airport, within an hour we reached in Leh from Delhi. Early morning at 6 am we were at the hotel. due to lack of time, we travelled by flight as per your convenience you can reach here by train or bus as well. Many trains are running daily from Delhi to Jammu. From Jammu by taxi you can reach to Ladakh. Approximately it is 10 km far From the main city. We hired a taxi from the airport to the hotel. Once we reached at hotel, first I have completed check-in formalities then moved to our room. After freshen up take some rest. As per planned itineraries, they serve breakfast in the morning. All timing was already set by the travel agent, the room was very nice and the surrounding views were so lovely. We ate thupka it is Ladakhi dish first time in my life I have taken its taste, it was different but I like that along with Sea Buckthorn Juice, which is only you can find in Leh Ladakh in all over India. It was made by berries which found only here.    DAY ONE TO SHANTI STUPA AND HIMS MONASTERY AND LOCAL MARKET   After taking a delicious breakfast we moved to our sightseeing. Rough trails and magnificent landscapes of Ladakh will attract you. When I moved then seen marvellous beauty of Ladakh that moment I was feeling I'm so lucky. Day one we were on the way to Shanti Stupa which looks very attractive we took many photos here. It is in white dome-shaped monument. Then explore Leh local market, I have purchased Ladakhi handicrafts, shawls and few antique gifts for my family members and friends as a memory of this trip. Then we moved to Hemi OR Hims monastery and Thisksay monastery. I am sure you have watched 3 Idiots Bollywood movie, they shoot nearby this place, Rancho's school was here. We have already plan to cover this place. So we have clicked snaps with our group here and also explore Sindhu ghat. In the local market we have tasted Ladakhi momos and dumplings. Then we have tried Mokthuk which is again a Tibetan dish, which made is a superb blend of momos and soup. I never felt this taste of yummy momos. Ladakhi people are very nice in their behaviour. In the evening we again visited in Shanti Stupa, then the beauty of this monument was so pretty. Night view increases the beauty of this place.  After shopping and eating, we moved to our hotel in the evening my bag was filled after shopping and I was feeling so tired. Then after taking some rest, we have taken dinner then a tight sleep. Because as per planning in early morning we have to be ready for second-day sightseeing.   NUBRA VALLEY ALONG WITH KHARDUNG LA PASS    Second day after taking healthy breakfast we moved to Nubra Valley which is 135 km far from Leh. By car we reached there real beauty of Ladakh is showing from here. We enjoyed double-humped camel Safari, seriously camel ride was so memorable, when I sit on Camel ' s back I was so afraid, but after some time I was enjoying views and explore the dunes. After completing camel safari, we have taken butter tea and chips. Butter tea is a unique beverage found I Ladakh. From there we moved back to the hotel. We all were so excited and tired then after reaching at the hotel we took dinner and overnight stay at hotel.    LEH TO KHARDUNG LA PASS , LEH PALACE AND LOCAL SIGHTSEEING   Next day after breakfast we were ready to Khardung La pass. It is just 39 kilometres far from Leh. Climate was so cold we were already wearing jackets and globes. Then we moved to Leh Palace, which is a historical place, it is nine storeys building. It is too old so when we visited, we found it ruined in many places. But such a beautiful view I have seen from the roof of this palace. And have taken many pics and videos here. It is situated on high altitude so we have taken rest for 15 to 20 minutes here. Then we moved to Glacier View and highest Buddha statue of Diskit monastery Ladakh. Most recommended place to explore in Ladakh. So whenever you are planning to travel in Leh. Do not forget to come here.     HALL OF FAME   It is made by the Indian Army in the memory of India soldiers, Many soldiers lost their lives in Indo Pak war. Here I have gathered lots of information about the war and used weapons by them. I have seen flags and other weapons here.   MAGNETIC HILL AND ZANSKAR VALLEY   After having yummy yak cheese breakfast we moved to Magnetic hills, it is a mysterious place of Ladakh. After completing sightseeing we have taken some sky from a restaurant situated mid of the Leh market. Then we have explored ZANSKAR views Chadar lake is the most famous tourist spot. We have spent some time here. Here we explore Sangam of muddy brown Zanskar river and greenish-blue Indus River.  After finishing sightseeing we moved to the hotel for rest and dinner.    PANGONG LAKE VIEW   On the sixth day we moved early morning to Pangong lake, we were so excited to see the real beauty of Leh Ladakh from here. it is 149 kilometres far from Leh. It is situated on 4350 meters 14270 FT in the Changthang region of Leh. This lake touches the international border between India and Pakistan.    Real heaven place on this earth we have found here. It is too difficult to explain the beauty of this place, I have captured many pics as a memory of my beautiful trip. Scenic view and blue sky and high snow covered the mountains, it looks so charming, we spent a good time here. There is required a permit to visit here.  Luckily or travel agent informed me in advance so we could be able to explore this place Hassel free. Then in the evening we returned to the hotel. We spent some time on chopstick Noodle Bar, I heard about it when I was searching about restaurants in Ladakh. We have taken delicious Ladakhi dishes like Chinese noodle soup, fried chicken rice and soft drinks. I was feeling so tired so after reaching the hotel I lay down and slept.    TSO MORIRI   On the seventh day, we all were feeling so tired because almost famous spots we have completed in 6 days now was thinking what to do either rest or last spot to explore then we wake early and moved to TSO MORIRI, it is 250 kilometres far from Leh. So after a long journey we reached here and found blue sky and green land, greenery looks like a carpet on earth. It is not less than a haven, generally people avoid to travel here due to distance journey. And it was bliss watching such as an enormous Lakes covered by high peak mountains.    Finally we have covered all pre-planned tourist spots in Leh. Then, at last, I have bought a few Tibetan handicrafts, Enrique gifts, shawls, Buddhist statue as most of the Ladakhi people follows Buddhism, so they designed many statues of Buddha. I have carried some stone jewellery from here, I have take care of authenticity of jewellery so I will recommend you guys.    LEH TO Delhi    So after finishing my lovely trip along with my best friends we came back to Kushok Kahula Rimpochee airport by taxi at 1 Pm for our flight to Delhi. We said special thanks to servants of the hotel and driver, he was very friendly we never felt boring during any long drive. It was again a nice experience, and big thanks to our travel agent.  Last but not least by Hellotravel platform I get to know about the best tourist spots to explore in Ladakh. It was my first experience with them I did not felt regret. Even my friend appreciated to me and my travel agent.    With wonderful memories and adventure, we have returned to Delhi airport from there we moved to our places.    So get ready and pack your bags to awesome Leh Ladakh trip.

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