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Foods of Khajuraho- 5 dishes of Regional cuisine that you must try when you visit Khajuraho

Khajuraho the heritage city of India and also listen in UNESCO World Heritage Site is not only famous for its Group of temples but one can easily see the reflections of the traditional tased of MP into its food also.

 As MP has been always a start which is known for regular creativity into different kind of food items and has given some of the best cuisines to the Indian culture.

Mentioning a few cuisines which you should not forget to try while visiting Khajuraho or any tourist place of MP. 

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Here is a list for you - Foods of Khajuraho- 5 dishes of Regional cuisine that you must try when you visit Khajuraho

1. Dal Bafla

Dal Bafra, The most common food of MP and very easily available at every corner of MP. This is a variation of Dal Bati or Litti famous dishes of Rajasthan and of Bihar.

Dal Bafra is an upgraded version Dal Batiriatibati of Rajasthan Baati is directly baked in the oven, whereas Bafla is first boiled and then baked. This process makes Bafna Little softer,   

Dal Bafla is usually served with a simple malwa dal, can also be served with Panchmel Dal but it can also be served with Panchmel Dal.

It is very easy and quick making recipe normally serves hot on the place with a heavy amount of Desi Ghee.

2. Korma

Although, Khajuraho is a small town, eating in Khajuraho is not a big deal, you have plenty of Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options at every corner of the city.

Khajuraho is famous for some of the greatest cuisine and in the like of Non-vegetarian option Korma comes on top of the list.

 Chicken Korma is a traditionally an Indian dish, curry made with tomato paste with an almond flavour that’s light and flavour, Many of spices and cream that's buttery and completely delicious.

This dish is easily available in most part od India but the ingredients used here at MP unique, which give a different aroma and deliciousness to this.

Basically Korma is an Indian curry, made in Garam Masala and some other ingredients, Chicken cooked in butter and onion

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3. Lavang Latika

Lavang Latika is a traditional dessert of Bengal and this is made on during the festivals and special occasions,
This is also very famous in MP as we as in Khajuraho too, this is made of crunchy crust stuffed with mawa and dry fruits Stuffed and deep-fried pastry is soaked in sugar syrup and is served as a sweet, the tas​t​e and aroma of this food will force you to forget other sweet dishes.

4. Street foods

Khajuraho is very famous for its street food too, while visiting this place don't miss to try, Poha, Rogan Josh, Mutton Kababs, Chicken Biryani, Kheema, Sabudana Lassi, Moong Dal Halwa, Jalebi, Cashew Barfi, Kusli, Lavang Lata and more.

The area is known for its  Bafla, delicious Ladoos and Gulab Jamuns, the best part that these items are easily available at every corner of the Khajuraho and near buy to temple premises.  

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