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Best cafes in Khajuraho - 5 Most popular restaurants in Khajuraho

Best cafes in Khajuraho - 5 Most popular restaurants in Khajuraho

Khajuraho has been one of the major source for MP to attack Inbound tourism as well as domestic too. 

Tourists usually come to see the group of temples from France, USA, Britain, Italy, Spain, Korea, Japan, Israel followed by China.

With the decay of time, Khajurao is able to deliver  the quality  services to there guests, The regional foods have always been a plus point for the Mp but nowadays this location is serving the  Northindian, South Indian, Italian, Chinese, French cuisine too,


Mentioning some of the best Restaurant at Khajurajo to have quality foods. 

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Here is a list for you - Best cafes in Khajuraho - 5 Most popular restaurants in Khajuraho

1. Raja Cafe

Raja Cafe has been considered one of the best restaurants near to this location id is located near hotel Siddhartha, opposite of western group of temples, Sevagram, Khajuraho, 

Raja Cafe is serving to tourists for almost 40 years and has become the most favourable restaurant for foreign tourists

Tourist come hear foe the breakfast and dinners too, as their menu has some great dishes to every kind of guests including espresso coffee, English breakfasts, wood-fired pizzas, Great Indian food, Italian and Chinese dishes,  

You will surely be surprised after entering inside to this restaurant, this place id covered with full greenery and the outside  sitting area has been decorated and manged very well, 

The services of this Restaurant will surely force you to come back again for the dinner of Breakfast.

2. Zorba Di Buddha

Zorba Di Buddha, A Rooftop Restaurant with some unique decoration, and famous for its world-class servicing standards.

This Restaurant is located in the roof of Hotel Harmony in the Jain Temple Road, Khajuraho, many tourist come here just to have their dinners from all across the Khajurao. 

This Restaurant offers a wide variety of cuisines, starts with  European to Indian, Chinese dishes. the famous of this Restaurant is its stir-fried vegetables with hot, garlic sauce, white sauce pasta 

Its distinct rendition of chicken curry is one of the most selling cuisines of this place. Normally in the evening, this place remains crowded and  couples can be seen frequently as this is the most preferable place with the great servicing standards



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3. Madras Coffee House

Madras Coffee House, As per its name it is one of the most popular south Indian restaurants of this city as said the owner of this restaurant has some hope in Delhi Malviya Nagar, in 1950 if shifted to Khajuraho and since then he and later his family is service to Khaurao is its guests with their tastes,

This is the most affordable restaurant as INR 120 to 150 is sufficient for a per to have a different kind of dosas like Cheese Dosa, cheese uttapam etc, Europian Tourists prefer this place and its dishes most in compare to tourist from other countries as said by the owner of this restaurant.

This is very basic in decoration and in sitting arrangements are also very normal but this place remains very clean most of the time 



4. Le Rose Cafe

Le Rose cafe is located just in front of the temple in Sevagram this the reason this Caffe gets an advantage in getting more tourist at his place

This is a well-managed restaurant on the rooftop of a Home, Most often you will get north Indian food with economical cost with the cultural way. basically is a home which has been converted to a restaurant and one can have the feeling of a homemade food here.

One can order a mix of several dishes such as French, Indian, Italian and Chinese one can also enjoy at the taste of tea or coffee with a breathtaking view of the temples nearby.


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5. Blue Sky Restaurant

If you want to have the view of Temples during dinner time too of course this restraint could be one of the best places for you.

Blue Sky Restaurant is located at Main Rd, Western Temples, Khajuraho, which offers you quality food with some great ambience because of its location, It will surely amaze you with the surrounding view of temples, the open sky dinner will make you feel special and the servicing standard is just the top level of this restaurant.

We paid just 150 for each to enjoy Dal dadka and rice.

Although this restaurant offers you the Indian, Chinese, Italian and South Indian food under your budget.

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