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Foods of Ladakh 9 Dishes of Ladakhi cuisine that you must try when you visit in Ladakh

Foods of Ladakh 9 Dishes of Ladakhi cuisine that you must try when you visit in Ladakh

Ladakhi CuisineLeh Ladakh is a place which comes under top priority in every wayfarer list.Whenever you think about Ladakhi food, then by default MOMOS or Noodle Soup comes in our mind. But I would like to tell you there are many unique dishes are famous. If you are a big foodie then you can explore multiple varieties of food. However, if you love to try new dishes then there are multiple options. Ladakhi dishes are the combination of Tibetan, Chinese, Nepali and continental dishes. 

Here I am providing the name of few tradition dishes 

1. Sea Buckthorn Juice2. Momos3. Butter tea4. Mokthuk5. Phirni6. Khambir7. Kashmiri dum aloo8. Ladakhi pulao9. Cheese from Yok's milk Chhupri

Leh Ladakh is comes under hot list for tourists, so if you have planned then so not miss traditional Ladakhi food. It will give a fabulous experience to explore this long trip. Although it a long route tour so most of the top food varieties you can try. 

I am ready to move for having amazing delicious taste of traditional food in my long road trip to Ladakh,  are you ready for it ??

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Here is a list for you - Foods of Ladakh 9 Dishes of Ladakhi cuisine that you must try when you visit in Ladakh

1. Sea Buckthorn Juice

This juice also know as Ladkahi Berries, as due to made by berry, which only in Ladakh. You can not find sea Buckthorn Juice anywhere in India except Ladakh. Apart from juice Ladakhi people makes jam as well by these berries. It very nice in taste and also healthy for us.

2. Momos

You will be surprised definitely, once you will see momos name in this list, because you can find everywhere. But let me tell you that Ladakhi momos are different in taste. You have not tasted momos then it will be a major crime. For momos lovers there are many stuffing varieties  like, vegetables, porn, chicken, mutton or beef mixed with Himalayan spices and delicious in there taste.

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3. Butter Tea

When I was planning for Leh Ladakh trip that time I have decided will taste butter tea for sure. Even I have been tasted butter tea. it is made by cow milk, tea leaves, yak cheese, butter, salt and water. It is known as Po Cha in Tibetan language and in Ladakhi they used Gur Gur Cha. It is famous beverage of Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and China.

4. Mokthuk

It is a unique variety of momos, it a superb blend of momos and soup. You can order vegeterian or non vegetarian as per your choice. It is again a Tibetan dish. You can find in different different varieties like vegitable soup, chicken or mutton soup, noodle soup etc. But momos will be the part of this dish. It's having amazing delicious taste. 

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5. Phirni

Ladakhi people used Phirni instead of Kheer. Rich texture and mouth watering looks of Phirni will definitely attract you. Those people who keeps Sweet dishes on priority list. They will surely fall in love with this dish. It is made by milk, sugar, rice, dry fruits and Kesar. Best part of Ladakhi people they serves in Kulhad, which is made by mud, it increases the taste of Phirni. You must try it wherever you are planning for Leh Ladakh trip.

6. Khambir

It is again a traditional dish of Ladakh. It is variety of bread. Localised people used in their regular food. It is slightly thicker as compared to normal bread. However It looks in crispy texture, as it baked in golden brownish colour. You can have it along with butter tea or fruit jam. It could be a best combination. Ladakhi people can store it for a week atleast.

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7. Kashmiri Dum Aalu

Although Dum Aalu is a favourite dish in many  different parts of India. However Ladakhi dum aalu are having unique taste and differ from other recipes. It serves in most of the restaurants. It is prepared by baby potatoes, yogurt, flannel and Himalayan spices, offcourse made by Kashmiri style. I am you would not control yourself once you will taste atleast once.

8. Ladakhi Pulao

Kashmiri Pulao looks very attractive.The long basmati rice wonderfully soaked in flavour of aromatic seasonings and one of fine layer of barista, that is ceremalised onion along with carrots, nuts and few dry fruits like chesues, few Kashmiri spices and almond make the rich texture of Kashmiri Pulao. I am very much sure once you gonna be taste it , you can not forget the taste of Pulao. 

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9. Chhupri

 It is known as yak cheese as well. It is again a famous traditional dish of Ladakh. Best part of this, it is easily available in main market area. It is one of the marvelous Variety of food. It is available in three different taste like sweet, salty and plain. I would suggest you buy a small size pack, as it is pretty hard.

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