Solo Woman Travellers

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Solo Woman Travellers

1. Medhavi Davda – www.ravenouslegs.com

Medhavi Davda – www.ravenouslegs.com

Ardent Adventurer, High-Altitude Trekker, Adventure Scuba Diver, Badminton Champion, Solo Backpacker, trained dancer in various forms like Katthak, Tango, Bachata, Salsa, Waltz, Jazz, Cha Cha Cha. She has been a software developer with multinationals for 9.5 years to pay my bills for all these, until January 2016, when she gathered enough courage to quit her desk job and hear her calling for the Himalayas. She has moved to Bir in Himachal Pradesh to make a living out of her passions.
Her blog www.ravenouslegs.com crafts stories about her adventures and the difficulties she overcomes on her solo backpacking trips, giving a picture of the way she let her life flow and giving inspiration to a lot of female travellers and adventure seekers.

2. Divya Rai - http://aborrowedbackpack.com

Divya Rai - http://aborrowedbackpack.com

A Borrowed Backpack; because "life shouldn't be about hoarding material possessions", believes the travelogue writer Divya Rai. After 5 years of running her business successfully, she shut the shop to travel and experience the world.aborrowedbackpack.com is about lesser known India and places with soul. 
Currently based out of Delhi (with roots in a small town called, Bareilly), Divya alternates her time between professional photography, writing and traveling. It is her love for meeting wonderful people in most obscure of places that keeps her going.

3. Namita Kulkarni – www.radicallyeverafter.com

Namita Kulkarni – www.radicallyeverafter.com

She is a Yoga teacher, writer, and artist. Through solo travel, she has chased her fears and followed her excitement across 11 countries and countless (Mis)adventures. Turns out she is bigger than her fears, as they are stories woven by her own imagination, with some help from news channels. Being ‘safe’ is not a guarantee anywhere, so she might as well take the risks that excite her and be game for the ones she couldn’t have imagined. Through blogging, she shares her excitement about facing her fears and exploring the world. She loves it when strangers write in saying her blog inspired them Her blog is www.radicallyeverafter.com

4. Deepti Asthana – http://datravelography.com/

Deepti Asthana – http://datravelography.com/

Deepti, awarded by UNESCO as International Youth photographer, grew up in a small town of Uttar Pradesh in a protective family. Beating all the odds, she is now a self- learned photographer who has touched different genre of photography from Travel to Documentary and have constantly been ranked as Top Travel blogger of India.  Her blog datravelography is a beautiful collection of photo stories and travelogue from off the beaten destinations of India and more.

5. Swati Jain - www.buoyantfeet.com

Swati Jain - www.buoyantfeet.com

She has been solo backpacking in India for last 2 years covering 135 cities across 20 states and 2 Union Territories.  Her Blog buoyantfeet.com is started with an intention to introduce her  readers to the little gems nestled within our country. Finding Unknown from the known is what Buoyant Feet is all about :)

6. Elita – www.nomadicthunker.blogspot.in

Elita – www.nomadicthunker.blogspot.in

Elita is a thoroughbred Indian, stoked by all that there is to explore and experience here in this country. It's this love for travel that fuels her blog www.nomadicthunker.blogspot.in. Every destination she has set foot on has been accounted for. Just like her feet, her hands don't tire either. And she only writes what she has experienced. That's the only way she knows she can be authentic. And that's the only way she can write and egg her readers on to live vicariously through her words or find the nudge they need to go experience it first hand themselves.

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7. Sahithi Pulivarthi - www.justagirlwhotravels.com

Sahithi Pulivarthi - www.justagirlwhotravels.com

Sahithi Pulivarthi is 23 years old and from Andhra Pradesh. She started solo travelling a year ago. Travelling just opened up her mind and it shows on her blog www.justagirlwhotravels.com . She has become fearless about getting settled and having a secured lifestyle. She realized that she really doesn't need much money in life to be happy.Travelling for her is all about experiencing different cultures, meeting different people having nice conversations and experiencing the nature to the fullest. She hitchhikes, volunteer at places to keep her travel expenses low.

8. Pankti Shah - www.crazywanderer.com

Pankti Shah - www.crazywanderer.com

Crazy + Wanderer = Pankti Shah that’s the style of describing the India's female solo traveler. She was born on 19th April 1989 in a small village in Gujarat. Pankti had never traveled anywhere outside Gujarat till her teenage. Traveling was a scary stuff for her from childhood to teenage. She just had a dream cradling in her mind, she wished to explore the world. Since childhood, Pankti was fascinated towards mountain peaks, lush green valleys, landscapes, rocky terrains, beaches and lonely places. Her travel expedition began after marriage. With the support of her husband and parents in law, she started traveling solo.

At www.crazywanderer.com Pankti shares her travel experiences and solo travel stories. It is her kind initiative to connect with travelers around the world. Apart from traveling, she is involved in Yoga training and social work.

9. Priyanka Dalal – www.travel.priyankawriting.com

Priyanka Dalal – www.travel.priyankawriting.com

Travel became a significant part of her life when she went off on a quickly planned 15-day solo trip in 2009. Since then there has been no looking back. With an online marketing business, she could travel for longer durations while working. She did a few month-long trips across south India and have been exploring north India only in the last couple of years. Also, she did a crazy solo cycling trip Berlin to Copenhagen on her first international solo trip in 2015. Her travel style is now better defined: www.travel.priyankawriting.com

10. Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha is the author of Inditales, a leading travel blog from India covering 25 Indian states and 15 countries, since 2004. She focuses on bringing out hidden cultural aspects of cities through walking tours and through her exploration of art, history & culture while soaking in the nature. After living in 14 cities across India and abroad, she now lived in Goa with her library.

IndiTales has had the distinction of being part of the Top 50 travel blogs in the world list. Anuradha has appeared on P7 news channel as a travel guru and is often quoted in media on travel and tourism. She spoke on Seamless Tourism at CII Tourism Fest in Chandigarh in Dec 2013, at Malaysia International Travel Bloggers Conference at Kuala Lumpur in May 2012 and participated in TBEX Asia at Bangkok in Oct 2015.She is the author of bestselling book 'The Mouse Charmers - Digital Pioneers of India'

IndiTales won the best digital content award at Digital Women Award in 2015

11. Anuradha Shankar

Anuradha Shankar

Mother, traveller,  blogger,  bookworm... These are some of the words we would use to describe her, and all of her interests come together when sheI visit a place,  or write about it,  which is why her blog is called ' Wandering Mind '. She travel, occasionally with family, mostly with my son,  and at times by herself or with friends, and write about what captures her attention, wherever she go. 


12. Prachi Garg

Prachi Garg

www.ghoomophiro.com is a travel blog,where  #ghoomophirosisters started penning down their travel experiences, jouneys for the people to get inspired for travelling. They are avid travelers who have been traveling together for more than 8 years now, and have covered length & breadth of the country. Most of their trips are bagpacking trips. Not only travel journeys, they do write about travel accessories, tech. Recently they initiated first ever travel chat in India dedicated for India travel called #ghoomophirochat.

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13. Ruby Singh

Ruby Singh

A consultant by profession, a blogger and a life enthusiast by heart. Being an Army brat moving from one place to another has been instilled in the heart ever since. Loves to travel and document her travel stories at singhruby.com, which houses all the travel details of  past 2 years of blogging span. 

Special longing for offbeat destinations and adventures. A keen observer and a quick learner. Love beaches but mountains always come first If have to choose. Lived mostly in Lucknow and thus have a special eye for Art, Culture and Heritage sites. Prefers to explore destinations like locals and not like tourists. Apart from India, the author has also perched on some international destinations too which include Malaysia, Singapore and London being the latest addition.

Travelling and Blogging comes from within and it is not just a hobby it is a compulsion and a passion. Few of the life changing travel experience include tryst with mountains during the Valley of Flower trek and encounter with locals at Saur Village in Kanatal.-- 

14. Pooja Gupta

Pooja Gupta

Pooja Gupta is travel blogger, social media influencer and travel hacking expert. She is qualified software programmer who has quit her day job for being a full time professional blogger. She jots down her travel experiences on her blog, Travel Jots. She has covered almost 20 countries and all top destinations in India in last ten years. She writes useful travel hacking and backpacking tips for the benefit of website readers. Pooja has fabulous knowledge on a variety of destinations and without a doubt your go-to gal for all things travel

15. Sangeeta Das

Sangeeta Das

After a successful stint of 15 years in the corporate world, Sangeeta decided to travel around in India and the world. Since then, this once upon a time workaholic is on a journey discovering places, people, food and culture only to discover that Life is a Vacation after all; to enjoy the boundless beauty of this earth. Her blog Life is a Vacation revolves around Travel and Food and is about seeing the unseen in every place, connecting to a place in spirit and discovering the local food, art craft and culture. She takes you on a journey with herself where you can turn the pages of history, walk through mountains, chase your shadows in the desert, watch the wild and come home with the birds. When she is not travelling this fitness freak is stretching out with yoga and planning her next destination and contemplating which eatery to visit in Bangalore.

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