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Top Adventurous Backpackers who Blog

1. Abhinav Singh - www.asoulwindow.com

Abhinav has traveled to more than 100 destinations in India since 2010. He has kick started his international travel with Jordan, U.A.E., Bhutan and Nepal. In November, 2014, he was fired from his corporate job of 7 years, for traveling too much. To celebrate, he booked the Everest Base Camp Trek as soon as he was fired.
Though Abhinav enjoys all genres of travel but he is passionate about adventure, trekking, rural tourism, spiritual, wildlife, eco- tourism.
His writing style is experiential with deep respect for the destination he is traveling to. The recurrent theme in his writing is that of soul searching, seeing things in a positive but realistic way and conservation/protection of culture, environment, destinations, wildlife and local people et al. Apart from his blog asoulwindow.com, he is very active on his social media platforms, viz. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page. When he is not writing, he makes cool travel videos.

2. Jitaditya Narzary - www.travellingslacker.com

Jitaditya Narzary sees himself as a travel blogger of the proletariat. He is an extreme budget traveller and travels mostly solo. He wants to show that one does not have to be rich to travel and break free from the tyranny of life once in a while. Through his travelogues, he wants to provide genuinely useful tips and bridge the information gap for various offbeat destinations that this country has to offer, these also shown on his blog www.travellingslacker.com He is primarily interested in Himalayas as well as various obscure archaeological sites scattered all over the country. And no, he is not exactly a slacker although the name of the site suggests so. He survives on freelance digital marketing and writing. In the future, he intends to do longer and slower trips and document forgotten monuments and secluded Himalayan communities.

3. Sanket Thodge - www.sanketthodge.blogspot.in

A simple person who made the most pleasant mistake of traveling, photography and writing as he gets along. Sanket has been traveling since eons and has been to many of the states in India.
Took up blogging http://sanketthodge.blogspot.in around 5 years ago to share travelogue with a vision to make reader feel the place exactly the way Sanket feels. With almost 28,000 readers Sanket has been among Top Adventurous Bloggers in India and Top Solo Travelers in India. And has won multiple writing competitions.

4. Avanish Maurya - www.solobackpacker.com

Avanish Maurya lives in New Delhi and works in the aviation industry.  Whenever he gets time in the regular job of 9 to 5, he escapes to travel around. A Himalayan Addict and an Advanced Open Water Diver, he is equally fascinated by both, the mountains and the sea.

He started his blog in 2011 to share some travel tips, experiences and stories from the road.  So far, covering some destinations in India, Egypt, Russia, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong and Macau; his blog is an attempt to provide authentic information on visa processes, cost savings, tourist traps, road journeys etc

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