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Travel Blogs by Indians You Must Read

Travel Blogs by Indians You Must Read

Travelers always look to extract detailed information on various tourist spots while they make the plan to visit them. Thus, here are some of the popular and highly visited travel blogs that provide deep insight of the various tourist spots.

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1. - Svetlana Baghawan - www.maverickbird.com

-	Svetlana Baghawan - www.maverickbird.com -	Svetlana Baghawan - www.maverickbird.com

A fulltime entrepreneur and a travel blogger, Svetlana,infuseher travel experience with the realistic touch to her readers. Plan your vacations and let yourself fly to the place, she mentions in her website. She admirably narrates the cultures and traditions of different nations and localities. It appears, ‘she is like her blog and her blog is like her’; the maverick bird with wings vast stretched and eyes noticing the trivial that the place holds in it. Be it some deserted land or the phenomenon city, be it an island midst the ocean or some hill top small town, she simply let herself fly followed by the captivating words that narrate her experience.She, on one side, puts some light over the myths linked and on another the emotions attached with every place. While reading her blog www.maverickbird.com, you go into the roller coaster ride, with none of your emotion left sleeping. You will feel walking with her over the busy streets and the silent sights.

You may discover her saying, ‘A traveller indeed leaves the place but the memories walk with him’.

2. - Ekta and Puru - www.shadowsgalore.com

-	Ekta and Puru - www.shadowsgalore.com -	Ekta and Puru - www.shadowsgalore.com

“They truly walk together”, this will be striking your mind asyou get to know about this couple from Pune. It looks like they are always in a wait for the clock to tickle some extra time out of their IT jobs and with the very knock of same this couple findits way to a new place,for capturing some new memories to share them with the world. The sweet memories that they share on www.shadowsgalore.com, doesn’t come only in form of words, but it has photographs, much needed information about the roads that are travelled less and some tales and anecdotes from this fabulous couple. Apart from the travel details, they also have photographs of various niches, food recipes; cinema accommodation and book reviews to share that will take you over a ride to the place that you never visited. With the shadows galore, the couple aim to reach those masses who wish to be a part of nature but fail to do due to one or the other reasons. For them, neither the boulevard’s confined nor the sagas. They talk about everything that passes by their way and urges them to halt to give it a life with their magical words. So within the four walls of your home,experience the beauty of nature and its essence.

3. - N Prasad - desitraveler.com

-	N Prasad - desitraveler.com -	N Prasad - desitraveler.com

He wraps himself around the traditional attire of thoughts and emotions every time he visits a place. This ‘desi guy’ doesn’t believe in going around and taking photographs, instead, he prefers living a while with the scenic beauty and the story that’s attached with each place he visits. He calls himself ‘the guy next door’ who likes to travel around, and shares his choices, likes and dislikes about any place, however the way he narrates makes him stand apart from the crowd. With his vision and narration skills, his blog desitraveler.com is one of the top travel blogs in India. The memories that he captures through photographs and the story that he narrates will make an impeccable space in your soul. You might find yourself moving with the waves of his oceanic descriptions and at times getting drowned in thoughts and perceptions that he conveys.

4. - Ajay Sood - www.travelure.in

-	Ajay Sood - www.travelure.in -	Ajay Sood - www.travelure.in

He is a hardcore travel writer and blogger who got numerous awards and accolades for his mesmerizing travel photographs and write-ups. He with his canon move out to quench his thirst to unveil the concealed stories and believe me the dude commendably performs the task. Ajay got featured in MasterCraftsman in Smart Photography in the mid of 2012 and is also a Canon Photo Mentor. His travel blog www.travelure.in also find its space in Conde Nast Traveler, JetWings, Huntington Post, Smart Photography and more. Not only this, the gentleman is also a grand winner of National Geographic Traveler’s photo essay contest. Neither his feet nor the wings of his thought gets confined to any particular region. You can find him surfing through the city streets and over the no man’s land, the hills and the plateaus, the islands and the deserts. He believes in moving and excavating the stories unheard. His work (photography) has made him a photo educator, photo tour leader, and a photo jurist.

5. - Tanushree chakravarty - www.travelholicyou.wordpress.com

-	Tanushree chakravarty - www.travelholicyou.wordpress.com -	Tanushree chakravarty - www.travelholicyou.wordpress.com

In her usual days, you may find her drenched in corporate life but the moment she is out with her craving to travel, experience her in her best form. Tanushreecalls herself an explorer who loves to learn about new cultures and people. She finds herself lost in a different world and strives to take her readers to the same with her gripping travelogues. In her blog travelholicyou.wordpress.com she talks about the trip details and shares some travel advises that makes her readers travel experience amazing. Going through her blogs you won’t just find the details about the places but the prerequisites for any particular place and some healthful tips that will make your journey relaxing and comfortable. She chats about the new destinations that might turn favorable for you and can take you to that never visited world which you always dreamt to. She believes that we live only once and life is of no senseif you fail to travel and discoverthe unexplored, be it the nature, the places or the people living there. She has a special contrast which she adds to every blog of her.

6. - Rajat Chakraborty - www.trawellblogging.com

-	Rajat Chakraborty - www.trawellblogging.com -	Rajat Chakraborty - www.trawellblogging.com

Nagpur based Rajat took no time to find that travelling isn’t just his hobby, but a passion that keeps blood moving in his veins. According to him, ‘travel is his only addiction’. He prefers travelling to the remote places and small towns that usually are not in the ‘people’s list’. His intention is pretty clear, to explore the lifestyle and the thought process of a people.In his blog www.trawellblogging.com he commendably talks about these and also shares photographs that will take you to the ‘globe untouched’ and to live the lifestyle that being in city we have never thought of. He not only narrates what he experiences but also shares his personal thoughts about the same. His travel diary will take you around a decade and half back and will give you a sneak into more than 200 small towns and cities that we might have never visited or even heard about. He believes that we are so busy in our materialistic world that makes us naive of copious a thing that happens around. With his travelogue, he tries to bridge the gap considering him a messenger, who is here to make the ‘strange world’ a known place’.

7. - Ankita Shreeram- www.trailstainedfingers.com

-	Ankita Shreeram- www.trailstainedfingers.com -	Ankita Shreeram- www.trailstainedfingers.com

She is certainly a live example of someone who has been bitten by a travel bug. Since three years she is travelling and has covered around 17 Indian states and five countries. After her incredible experience of the first journey to Kerala in 2013, she started giving travel a serious thought and determined to leave her foot prints on each of the 29 states and 7 union territories in India. With her blog www.trailstainedfingers.com, she divulges information about various cultures and legacies, and carves up her wellness tips and food reviews into it. Moving over the sayings of Pico Iyer and William Dalrymple, she aspires to create new course in the travelogues by sharing facts that are unobserved and pour out the feelings to those places which remain far despite being a part of our day to day lives. Her words have the magic to tap the soul of readers. The way she shares her travel sagas will definitely make an invincible space in your heart and give wings to the traveler that resides inside you.

8. - Keshav Munjal - www.triptude.com

-	Keshav Munjal - www.triptude.com -	Keshav Munjal - www.triptude.com

The duo might give you a feeling of some fairy characters that has come to make your dreams alive. Neo and Cesha (Keshav) share their real life experiences over their journeys. Their blog triptude.com (travel with an attitude) is about the adventures and the studies they have explored. They talk about the uncharted places in a captivating way, making the read worthwhile. The twosome believes in a very famous saying, ‘Travel is Therapy’ and thus strives to make their blog the much needed fatigue healer. With their blog they have created a platform for the Indian travel explorers, making it a community for them. People can read here and share their memories and perceptions of different places they visit and experiences they gain. Simultaneously those who wish to learn about places may simply step in here and let the words further splatter the magic. They indeed have the supreme flair to talk about the places, people and the culture that sustains there.

9. - Swati & Sam - www.thetalesofatraveler.com

-	Swati & Sam - www.thetalesofatraveler.com -	Swati & Sam - www.thetalesofatraveler.com

The website depicts the travelling saga of Bangalore based Swati and Sam. Their unconfined steps have covered 24 states and 5 union territories with 11 International destinations in just three years. The above figures admirably talk about their love for travel. On their blog thetalesofatraveler.com they have the travel stories followed by some tips and ideas that can help others during their quest to unveil the hidden boulevards. Unlike few other bloggers, ‘the tales of a traveler’ shares details of luxury resorts and offbeat places to try while the delicious cuisines, including regional food and the beautiful destinations,will further soothe your soul and of course the taste buds. Swati and Sam have their own unique poetic way of describing the places. Their words have the power to intrude in your soul and further hypnotise you with the impeccable essence of serenity. While reading their blog you’ll undoubtedly find yourself in the arms of the nature, with the refreshing breeze caressing you.

10. - Nilabh Ranjan - www.travelescape.in

-	Nilabh Ranjan - www.travelescape.in -	Nilabh Ranjan - www.travelescape.in

Nilabh is a travel blogger, explorer, photographer, and has immense love for long drives. This escapade lover amalgamates himself in the depth of local culture and the environment. At www.travelescape.in, Nilabh shares his experience during his offbeat journeys. He simultaneously provides reviews of hotel he stays in, the best deals that you can crack for lodging and boarding and also the means of communication which is the best suitable for you. Leaving the luxurious section he focuses much upon the terrains that aren’t visited often. Trekking and skiing on mountains, Paragliding high in sky and getting an underwater dive, he spends time with the rural community and strives to learn their culture and traditions. He prefers joining them in a night, to communicate with their thoughts and perspectives of different sections. This blogger in particular has the instinct to unveil the newer side of the old fairies. He thrives to habitat in the deserted lands and further shares the way you can experience the same.

11. - Archana- www.travelseewrite.com

-	Archana-  www.travelseewrite.com -	Archana-  www.travelseewrite.com

She believes in the beauty of nature, an enigma herself, she loves to travel to various cultural and traditional places around and then depicts the experiences on her blog www.travelseewrite.com. Born in New Delhi, Archana presently finds her house in Philippines. She usually travels alone, though she doesn’t mind having friends or a group with her for the quest of travelling. According to her, she was born in 2014 or we can say she is reborn; this is exactly the day when she explores her travel instincts. In her voyage, she doesn’t mind breaking her comfort zone and alsoinspires people to do the same. She believes in a famous saying ‘Live to travel and travel to live’. For her the travel isn’t just about going to some distant place, instead, she considersthat at times revisiting a boulevard that you left long back is also a fun. She believes that the true essence of travelling is to travel as a traveller and not as a tourist. With her blog, she expresses her experiences with people and various places in her gripping way.

12. - Avanish Maurya - www.solobackpacker.com

-	Avanish Maurya - www.solobackpacker.com -	Avanish Maurya - www.solobackpacker.com

Avanish is presently working in Aviation industry and is recently located in Delhi. Just like his profession he has his hobby; born to fly, and of course his job matches with it or we can say he chooses his hobby to be his profession. He visits numerous tourist spots and participates in adventurous activities which he further shares on his blog www.solobackpacker.com. His preferred locations lie in the lap of the mountains. He conveys his readers about the to-do list while participating in different activities. His list of places includes locations from India, Egypt, Hongkong, Russia, Cambodia, Thailand and Macau. The readers can have the entire details about the cost, visa, mode and also the traps that you must be cautious of. His narrations have the sections of experiences that he has attained while travelling. This backpacker can be usually found walking over the boulevard with the necessary things that one needs and the passion. Due to his vast knowledge based of places, he has commendably made a space in the hearts of his readers.

13. - Gaurav Kumar Srivastava - www.formertourist.com

-	Gaurav Kumar Srivastava - www.formertourist.com -	Gaurav Kumar Srivastava - www.formertourist.com

The moment you’ll meet him and ask about him, the first thing that he’d say is, ‘a man who ruined 15 years in attaining paper knowledge. Soon after completing his basic studies, he joined a digital marketing industry for his lively hood. Though this isn’t exactly him; his inclination towards travelling and blogging started around five years back when he was searching for some shopping, hotels, and foods but upon not finding enough reliable details, he decided to build a blog of his own. He started with a small travel blog, where he allowed the people to leave their comments.The reason was pretty clear; to know about the flaws and perfections. As his blog www.formertourist.com says, he calls himself a tourist and not an ‘IT’ guy. In his blog he talks about everything from a sand particle to the entire space and welcomes all comments and suggestions passed on by his readers. He tries to revert each of them and make sure that he considers them and take relevant action.

14. - Richa Gupta - www.travelsandstories.com

-	Richa Gupta -  www.travelsandstories.com -	Richa Gupta -  www.travelsandstories.com

Get ready to join this young and energetic lady over her offbeat destinations and independent travelling experiences. At ‘Travel and stories’, she shares her experiences in a very poetic manner, though the simplicity of her flair remains constant throughout. She focuses upon different cultures and traditions and their effecton this world. She shares many of her personal experiences with the place and the people who live there. Her basic motive behind writing a travel blog is to inspire those who are willing to travel but fail to, due to one or the other reasons. While going through her experiences, you’ll notice the freeways of travelling instead of keeping self in an incognito shell. She firmly believes in an independent ride and often says, ‘live free’. So if you too have the desire to unleash the ‘free you’, her blog www.travelsandstories.com is the best way. Just scroll through her simplicity yet unique panache of writing and find you getting drenched into the divine essence of freedom.

15. - Umang Trivedi - www.travelmax.in

-	Umang Trivedi - www.travelmax.in -	Umang Trivedi - www.travelmax.in

Being an avid traveller and a passionate blogger, Umang Trivedi’s blog ‘Travelmax.in’is much detailed and informative. He makes sure to bring out the essence of a destination, be it famous or offbeat or unconventional. Umang is an adventure enthusiast and a true admirer of nature. His travelogues on www.travelmax.in; revolve around adventure sports, offbeat travels and memorable experiences. While travelling to far off places, he also makes sure to pen down compiling travel tips & itineraries which can really be helpful and beneficial for the newbie travellers. Other than his travel affair with the mountains, he doesn’t miss out a rendezvous with local cuisine. He believes in the concept of travelling like a local and hence prefers staying in home and enjoys conversing their habitats along with food. Based out of Bangalore, his weekend always seems to be booked where he escapes himself into the affair with the scenic and calm mountains or exotic and mysterious beaches. He focuses majorly on Adventure, Offbeat experiences or Budget travel along with a touch of unique luxury and scrumptious food. He goes for solo travelling or with friends or family and even with strangers who love to explore new places, try out adventure sports, and introduce their taste buds with different types of new cuisines.

16. - Archana Chaurasia Kapoor - www.travelwitharchie.com

- Archana Chaurasia Kapoor - www.travelwitharchie.com - Archana Chaurasia Kapoor - www.travelwitharchie.com

Born with wings on her back and wheels on her feet, Archana is a way-faring story-teller whose awe-inspiring, eccentric travel encounters enticed her into starting her own travel blog www.travelwitharchie.com. She previously used to write about her travel adventures on her own personal blog ‘Drishti.co’; however, the blog seemed to be not enough for her to express her exceptional experiences of travelling her around more than 20 exotic countries in just 10 years. And that’s how ‘www.travelwitharchie.com’ came up with her exemplary encounters she faced. She is truly a natural vagabond always on the lookout for confronting the real world in distant places. Always, she dreams to travel rather than imagining herself in the books or articles. She was a complete workaholic but she knew how to make an excuse to check out a sight or experience a new cuisine on her work travels. Being wanderlust, she decided to quench her thirst of travelling by quitting the job and explore each and every travel points and sights as much as possible. Other than her adventurous travel stories on her blog, she has got a good taste bud, and includes food recipes and even tries her hand learning new delicacies. Borrow her wings for a while and see the world from her lens!

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