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About Iran

Enter a sphere where the legends of past mingle harmoniously with the developed cities, to produce a magical show addressed by the name of Iran. This splendid country is a major part of middle east and one of the most tourist friendly countries in the group. A country that is covered with just one kind of a landscape is generally perceived as a bane with tourism perspective. Formerly known as Persia, Iran nestles on the northeastern shore of Persian Gulf and on southern part of the Caspian Sea. The 1,648,000 sq km area that Iran covers has major borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan in east, Iraq in the west and Turkmenistan in north-east. With more than half of the country covered by mountains, it is counted among one of the most mountainous countries in the world. Iran showed that there are two sides to every coin. Tourism in Iran has been developed accordingly so that tourists could get the best out of their vacation with a lot to see and even more to do. Today Iran is placed at 68th position among countries with highest income through tourism and is considered among top 10 tourist places in the world. The northern side is flanked by Elbruz Mountains and the western side has the Zargos mountain, both of which are marked with high and majestic peaks. Besides natural wonders and wad of adventure opportunities, Iran is visitable for the exceptional culture diversity it presents. Iran is the place of one of the oldest continuous civilization and it is visible in the traditions that are still followed by Iranians. There are many museums that put on display the rich history of Iran. Tehran is the capital city of Iran and also the largest and the most developed. Situated on the foot of the Zargos mountain, Tehran is a splendid city for tourism for its dry and pleasant climate throughout the year. There are many tourist attractions in the form of mosques, museums, historical building and parks that are scattered in the city. The main attractions of the city
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17 Jan 2024
Salt Domes And Salt Glaciers of Iran

 About million of years ago, Persian Gulf was considered one of the largest water body incorporating a large area of the Arabian Peninsula in south and Iran in the west. With the ever increasing temperature of the world and the results of global warming led to the evaporation of water and the shores of the sea retreated, a vast quantity of salt was left behind. As the rainwater washed away the major quantity of sediments, mud and stones from the mountains and got accumulated heavily on the chunks of salt.

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