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Top Blogs about Road Trips

1.Thommen Jose – www.wanderink.com


He is a communication consultant, corporate filmmaker, avid adventurer,distance biker/driver and travel writer based out of New Delhi, India: have written and photographed two road tripping guidebooks 'Experience
Agra and around on the road' and 'Experience Chhattisgarh on the road'
which were published Times of India.
www.wanderink.com is his blog and stories from here have been published by The
New Indian Express, Yahoo! Travel, Go Abroad, Transitions Abroad, Sunday
Express, Gay Travel, etc.

2. Dhiren Shah – www.hitchwriter.wordpress.com


www.hitchwriter.wordpress.com is a solely personal blog where he come at his own whims, off late though he is blogging to share about where all he travels, what all he eats on those travels with full gusto, he has a penchant for trying out local food. He also uses the blog to share photo's and experiences he encounters whilst travelling. Hitchy believes finally in life he has found the mojo of life, to keep moving and that there are miles to go! He just believes in being an observant eye, taking in and soaking in and observing the world around without trying to make any judgements!

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