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Siddhesvara Temple Trip Packages
Siddhesvara Temple Trip Packages

Siddhesvara Temple

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About Siddhesvara Temple

Siddhesvara Temple is one of the temples placed in the most stunning Muktesvar temple complex in Bhubnaeswar. Muktesvar Temple is called as Gem of Odishan temple structure. The temple can be dated again to the early 12th century and become constructed via the ganga kings. Siddhesvara Temple is a dwelling temple which enshrines shiva linga idol in the large primary shrine.

The temple also has a sub-shrine without a deity. The temple's vimana is of rekha order and Jagamohana is of Pidha order and both of them are positioned on a raised platform. The east going through temple is Pancharatha on plan and Panchanga bada in elevation, at the same time as the Jagamohana is Trianga bada in elevation.

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