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India is an amalgamating pot of cultures, traditions, heritage, and tourism. You just name it and India has it. Get images of tourist places in India showcasing best tourism cities, activities and photos by real travelers. India is the land boasting of a legendary history of one of the oldest and most forward civilization in the World . From perennial rivers, undulating landscapes, lush green mountains, ever green rainforests, enchanting Goa beaches, mind blowing Kerala backwaters, North India the snow capped paradise in India, enigmatic North East . You get to see Taj Mahal on a golden triangle circuit coupled with Jaipur and Delhi. Kerala is a destination for beautiful backwaters, beaches & greenery. Get fascinated watching tigers in their natural habitat in some of the world's best wildlife parks. See India tourist places photos in our photos section. India is truly a land where you find everything a traveller can dream of. The 'unity in diversity' is a special characteristic of India and this can be seen in the secularist nature of the country. It is probably the only country where people from different religions, origins, languages and beliefs co-exist together. There are so many festivals in India. The different types of cuisines in the different states of India is another attracting aspect of Indian culture. India is truly about blended varieties of different states that are really exotic. Tourists get surprised by the variety of experiences in India that can vary from boisterous to very down to earth. So welcome to this mighty land and see what are your best explorations here. India looks beautiful in pictures, but while you are enjoying Indian famous places photos, wear your travel hat, go out and explore the country in person.

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